10 Reasons Why The PS4 and Xbox 720 Need Backwards Compatability

"When looking forward to a fresh console generation, it's mostly the new things that get us excited. Extra features, better visuals and new games are all well and good, but there are other ways in which a good games console must earn its place under your TV. Multimedia has been a big part of this generation and, with rumours surrounding the Xbox 720 supporting digital recording and playback of your saved clips, playing various media is going to be on the agenda for sure."

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000012443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

i really want backwards compatibility because im switching back to Sony next generation and want to catch up on the Playstation 3 games i missed this generation. so hopefully Sony will think of buyers like me and see the potential in making money off of consumers like me who will build their next generation game library with games from the current generation. not to mention, there are only a finite number of games at launch for a new console, so Sony should expect people to dip into the Playstation 3's library for games at the Playstation 4's launch as well.

Manchild2443d ago

I don't want backwards compatibility because I didn't buy PS3 & Xbox 360. PS4 looks like its going to be awesome though....

decrypt2443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

Console Gamers.. Dont care about BC.

Most say they can keep rebuying the PS2 and PS3 to maintain BC :P Will be funny though how these old consoles will look on 4K tvs in a few years(maybe console gamers intend to keep stock of old TVs too :P).

Bottom line BC on console is a joke. Want BC get a PC(it can play games from 25years back, even plays any console game with the exception of PS3 and Xbox 360).

Hell even console companies hate BC, cause it slows down sales of new games, hence they take down servers to MP games. You possibly cant name a single 10 year old MP game still running on console.

So yea BC on console is a joke, the gamers say they can buy the old consoles, the manufacturers on the other hand stop producing old consoles and ensure to take down MP support kind of a messed up situation lol.

Bladesfist2443d ago

@Decrypt You do have a valid point even if you came off a little trollish. I have been playing through the kotor / battlefront games without having to worry about if it will run or not. It is one of the reasons PC is my platform of choice.

user39158002443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

well compatability with xbox 360 very likely, with ps3 not really, thats what happens when you used the over rated cell cpu.

So wii bc and 360 bc with ps3 not even posible unless they include a separate cpu for it since ps4 and 720 has the same cpu.

-Superman-2442d ago

Backwards = more money and cost.
So, if they price 500 dollars with backwards, this means system will be much weaker.
If they price 500 dollars without backwards, this means system will be much more powerful.

I know people want backwards, but i think its better to be without it, so they can put backwards money into power. PS3 alone making cost 200 us dollars.
I dont want backwards

knowyourstuff2442d ago

It actually doesn't make the system more or less powerful, it just means the company manufacturing it will need to take that much a bigger loss... or do something unthinkable and perhaps give people the option between a 500 and 600 dollar console to a bunch of whiney gamers who are evidently living off of their parents' allowance and paper route money given the outcry over the PS3 launch. I mean really, PC gamers pay console prices just for a top of the line video card, like what is everyone bitching about? lol

reynod2442d ago

"PC gamers pay console prices just for a top of the line video card"

Thats a very small fraction of the PC market. Most buy mid range cards, ranging between 150-250usd.

Add in the cost to build the PC and it comes to around 600-700usd for a good one, thats almost next gen Console price, with the ability to play all your old games. I would call that a bargain.

N4Flamers2442d ago

Sorry blue but because of the cell architecture you most likely won't get BC with ps3 games. The next Xbox is more likely but still not a guarantee.

otherZinc2442d ago

720 will absolutely be backwards compatible.

metroid322442d ago

Who cares WiiU is and with Hdmi upscales wii games.

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Relientk772443d ago

Backwards Compatability is the main reason I bought a PS2, and a launch PS3

NateCole2443d ago

It would be nice but not a deal breaker feature for me.

N0S3LFESTEEM2443d ago

The new consoles most likely won't support BC... take a look back at the PS3 and 360 launches. 360 had shoddy BC for select titles and pretty much locked everything else out until recently with their marketplace downloads but it's not the same because "Hey... I've got this physical copy here in my hands but it wants me to buy it again to play it on my console". Ps3 started strong supporting full BC with their first SKU but have slowly dropped that option over time to the point where a PS3 bought in 2013 does less than a PS3 bought in 2006 though their both on even terms since sony has taken features away from early adopters (That is one of those things that should piss anyone off)... so with that said the new consoles won't support BC out of the box but will make you buy digital copies. Just the radical changes from the PS3 to the rumored specs of the PS4 should be enough to confirm but again it's all speculation.

whatthedeuce2442d ago

Except that when they removed backwards compatibility, they dropped the price of the console. No one's pissed because the console is now half the price as it was when those features were in there.

N0S3LFESTEEM2442d ago

completely focused on one point of my post...

joab7772443d ago

1 reasin not to habe it. It is morevthan a game player. It is an enyertainment device amd can be used on other TVs to access all types of content.

If Sony is smart they make them compatible and continue to support the ps3. There are so many games to go back to and they should get cheaper. Many habe speculated that the ps4 may be free or cheap when it releases. They should do the same for ps3. Many ppl hunt trophies and the ps3 could continue to be viable. It could help bridge the gap. They own many studios and while many indie games r releasef, why not release some ps3 games in the same vein.

Either way, i would never sell it because it does too much and isnt worth what i would get for it.

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