Game Informer review scores - March 2013 - Dead Space 3 nearly perfect, Sly Cooper

GE: "Review scores from the March 2013 issue of Game Informer are in. The publication handed out a nearly perfect score for Dead Space 3 and one of the first verdicts for Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time."

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Ezz20132135d ago (Edited 2135d ago )

awesome score for Sly cooper
can't wait
amazing time to be ps3 owner
with all those AAA exclusives coming out

Manchild2135d ago (Edited 2135d ago )

Better score for Fire Emblem: Awakening. It also got a 9.6 from IGN :D

PeZuS2134d ago

Better? They got the same score o.O

2134d ago
shackdaddy2134d ago (Edited 2134d ago )

It's not really a competition...

FE:A is a wonderful game though. Such great games coming out on all platforms.

Nimblest-Assassin2135d ago

9.75 for DS3?

Looks like we all got fooled by someone on gamefaqs.

I've played the full game (friend won an advance copy in a contest)... and even though I found the first 2 not very scary. DS3 is really tense... I mean really bloody tense.

You are pursued by 4 re-generators in a place that resembles the final scene of terminator 2 and you are constantly being trapped by flames and have to keep these guys at bay

And this is in chapter 5.... there are 19 chapters total

sinncross2135d ago

For real?

That is actually really good to hear!

007Bond2134d ago

Damn just a few more hours for me to play it!

GadgetGooch2134d ago

Thanks for sharing how many chapters their are!!!


you know you have just sold the game to me with that one statement.

For all the demo's, videos, articles etc + I have played the demo on xbox live, it still didn't do anything for me. Now I want to play the game just for that one section, lol.

starchild2134d ago

Sounds great. I loved the previous two Dead Space games and I have little doubt that I will love Dead Space 3 as well.

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sinncross2135d ago

Wow at that Sly Cooper score indeed.

Think I am going to pick up (and the HD collection too)

sorceror1712134d ago

I picked up the HD collection back when, and it's fun. Then I played the Demo for Sly 4, and it's exactly what it should be - similar gameplay but some new tweaks, and updated but recognizable graphics. I can believe it'll be a winner.

Skizelli2134d ago

Amazing time to be a gamer, period.

2134d ago
MrAnderson2134d ago

it's out on pc and xbox too you know...nothing to do with being a ps3 owner.

Ezz20132134d ago

sly cooper Thieves in Time is on xbox and pc ?! lolXD i would like to smoke what you are smoking

JamieL2134d ago

EZZZZZZZZ I think it's pretty safe to assume he was talking about DS3, seeing as how we are IN A DS3 ARTICLE!!!! Not in a sly cooper article. What aren’t you smoking? Don't be a d1ck.

Ezz20132134d ago


my first comment is talking about sly cooper score
and how it's a great year for ps3 owners

and he is quoting me
and say it's on xbox and pc

so of course i would assume his talking about Sly Cooper

get it now ?!

listenkids2134d ago

Trololol, is how I believe it goes.

SilentNegotiator2134d ago

"IN A DS3 ARTICLE!!!! Not in a sly cooper article"

Title: "...Dead Space 3 Nearly Perfect, Sly Cooper"

No, it's definitely not just about DS3.

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Merrill2134d ago

This is Game Informer's kind of game. They give Ni No Kuni a 7/10, and a generic action gamer(because that is what Dead Space is now)an almost perfect score.

Does anyone actually take them seriously?

abzdine2134d ago

no EA gives them cash, Namco doesn"t! logic!

SilentNegotiator2134d ago

They eat up action games from big-spenders of marketing.

Norrison2134d ago

I'm playing it and it isn't "a generic action game". For me, both Ni No Kuni and DS3 are both 8.5+, but I'm not going to start crying like a fucking fanboy because someone gave those games a low score.

abzdine2134d ago

hahaha 21 360fanboys disagree. go play Halo and Kinect i've heard i works well

showtimefolks2134d ago

I was gonna buy sly4 day one but ign gave it 8 which is great but said there are very very long load times, I am hoping within first couple of weeks we see a patch that fixes that so I can' buy it than

Dead space 3 got a 7.8 from ign

These magazines always give higher scores than mst gaming sites

Please Sony fix the load issues on sly4 soon

MadMax2134d ago (Edited 2134d ago )

Yea, and the only reason ign gave it a 7.8 was because of the story and tedious errand side missions. Other than that, they praised the hell out of the rest of the game! They should not have lowered the score because of such unimportant gripes like that.

showtimefolks2134d ago


i am sorry but dd you just say they should not lower the score because of important aspects like single player story? DS1-2 had good stories, whether EA like it or not most people play it for single player so if that's not good than why shouldn't they lower the score?

i am still getting the game, but i don't agree with you that story doesn't matter or is important

Norrison2134d ago

They actually said that the story felt "forced" not that it was bad.

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Swiggins2135d ago

A perfect score for dead space huh? Interesting, from the demo, I didn't like what I saw, but I've been deceived by crummy demo's before, it's almost what caused me to miss out on Spec Ops: The Line.

joab7772135d ago

I am really confused and GI usually doesnt do that to me. They have been quite trustworthy. They DO NOT hand out 9.75 to games unless they are goty contenders. And they definitely dont hand out 9.75 to sequels, especially ones that havnt had an installment with that score, unless it is way above and beyond previous titles. They generally set the bar higher for sequels and a 9.75 is basically the dead space game perfected.

Now, it is possible but from the demo and from what i have read, it veers from its original intent. I dunno but i assumed this iteration would get judged harshly. Stack this review up next to the 7 they gave Ni No Kuni and i am confused. I will wait to see about the game when i play it but i figured a 9 from them would mean it was better than the first 2. A 9.75 basically means it woulda been the best game in 2012, or close.

xander707692135d ago

Keep in mind the demo is just there to show off the new additions to the game; the weapon crafting, the human enemies etc. reviews of the game mention that the human enemies are very rare, you only fight them a small number of times throughout the entirety of the game.

People who have played the full game are saying that the dead space experience from the other games is still pretty intact.

RememberThe3572134d ago

I've had similar concerns with GI in the past. But really when I think about it, they have multiple reviewers that all have different tastes and their Editor trusts their judgment. It may seem in consistent at first but sometimes even your favorite reviewers just don't agree with you.

Things that bother them wont bother you or things that bother you don't bother them. It all comes down to personal preference in the end and even though review scores are often very useful, sometimes they just don't mirror your own tastes.

Perjoss2134d ago

I had the same problem with dead rising, i hated the demo quite badly, it felt like a dull hack n slash game, but my friend showed me it a few months later and if you play it properly you actually spend very little time killing zombies.

andrewf912135d ago

Wow, sounds like mixed reviews for Dead Space 3 so far. I'm pretty glad for Sly getting a 9 as well.

Revolver_X_2135d ago

So far...9.75, 9, 9, 8.8
Mixed reviews? Cool story bro.

xander707692135d ago

Seriously. So far the reviews have been pretty positive. I bet this game will sit comfortably at the 90s or so as an average.

andrewf912134d ago (Edited 2134d ago )


Well, I guess I was mistaken by that troll review from Gamefaq's. Chill out bro.

denero12134d ago (Edited 2134d ago )

A lot of people where and still do think it's real lol