PS4 and the Next Next-Gen -Adam Sessler

This week on Sessler's ...Something, Adam is focused on the next-gen. Sony's invited us to their special event in New York on February 20th, and we have to assume that we're going to meet the new Playstation 4. Learn what Adam thinks, what this means for Microsoft and the industry, and much more in this week's episode.

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Ashunderfire862135d ago

I have that feeling too that Sony might show something else instead of PS4 on February 20th. I hope I am wrong.

Blasphemy2135d ago

No way, to many people in the media are saying it's PS4. Obviously they know something that we don't.

Qrphe2135d ago

Exactly, it's not like Sony had no idea people we going to expect this. They were clearly going for this kind of hype from the very beginning.

Ashunderfire862135d ago (Edited 2135d ago )

Damn!!! Whats with the many disagrees lol!!! Its just too great to be true man. We all want it to be PS4, but sometimes it's not what we think. Sony prove me and Adam Sessler wrong lol!!! Well you know what.... Sony did say that they are gonna make a comeback in the TV market.

smashcrashbash2135d ago (Edited 2135d ago )

Like what? Why would they gather everyone together unless it is something they have never seen before. We already know about all the games and about Gaikai. It couldn't be price drops or remakes then they could have just announced that on the internet.The only thing I see is new hardware.Anything else could just as easily have been announced online with out having to make a big deal about it.

Besides Adam makes a good point. If it wasn't the PS4 they would have denied it so that people wouldn't assume that it was. But no denial and no conformation usually means it is so. And added to it all the leaks and sources.Even if it isn't the PS4 well we won't be any worst off then we are now would we. We still have a whole epic line up of games for the PS3 this year and if it is not the PS4 something just as big.They wouldn't be gathering press and investors for something minor.

Ryo-Hazuki2135d ago

Yeah like Sony is really going to invite the media from all the corners of the earth and investors just to announce a game or service. Don't over think's the PS4

solid_warlord2135d ago (Edited 2135d ago )


I really hope not but i wouldn't be surprised if $ony doesn't announce the PS4. After all, you gotta take a look at there ridiculous E3 of 2005/6(below video evidence) when they sexed up the PS3 hardware spec and fake tech demo which supposedly were "Real time" but actually Pre-rendered CG.

We know Micro$oft are b***** but atleast they will show it with pride. $ony in the other hand are are lying conniving d****, who won't admit to it.

Whats worse, a c*** who can't admit they are ass**** or the c***s who will admit they are ass****s. I would say its the C*** who wont admit they are ass***s.

----------------------------- --------
Watch this Crap full of Lies commited by $ony Corp..

1of3 part vids
----------------------------- -----------

I hope i haven't upset any fanboys, i refuse to be mind fucked by Multi Billion Dollars corporations. If you are a fanboy and want to be mind fucked by corporations then press the disagree button and/or press spam button.

Ashunderfire862135d ago (Edited 2135d ago )

PS4 graphic will now have the Killzone 2 E305 trailer's graphics. We can now see that coming along with God of War Ascension. THEY WILL NOT LIE THIS TIME!!! Fingers cross behind my back LMAO!!!!

Reverent2135d ago

@Ashunderfire, ehh... I think it will be better than that. I honestly thought that Killzone 2's graphics looked pretty on par with it's E3 Trailer. If not KZ2, KZ3 definitely did.

akaakaaka2135d ago (Edited 2135d ago )

lol I'm watching at the 2video it'so funny.. but most of it are lies from that 360fanboy who made the video, in the end the games prove Sony was right on movie like quality "Beyond two souls" say's hello!for example, few lies yes and PS3 has the best and most beautiful games they > 360, but yeah they over hype it in some parts but they have to, since it take times to have games like beyond out to show it real power...
imagine if they show beyond two souls on that day? you will have been super amaze and is like the name beyond any teach demo they have show back there.

WooHooAlex2135d ago

They're inviting media and investors to this event. Every media outlet is saying this is the PS4 reveal, some of them even confirming it with sources, giving us details of the new controller and new system features.
The fact that its a PlayStation event where we will "see the future of the PlayStation business" - according to Sony - kind of limits what else it could be other than the PS4.

Because they didn't come out say "See our next home console" its easy to get paranoid about it. Everyone who's doubting the PS4 reveal needs to stop over thinking it. Its the PS4, there are too many signs pointing to it to not be their next console.

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Godmars2902135d ago

Why might Sony might disappoint with a surprise when everyone has jumped to the conclusion of what that surprise might be? Have become solid certain?

Really sounds like a question that answers itself.

LOGICWINS2135d ago

Damn, Rev3Games' spitting out tons of content recently.

bothebo2135d ago

I think he's right in saying that the Wii U is not necessarily what gamers want and that most of us are waiting to see what MS and Sony have to offer.

shackdaddy2135d ago

He's not really saying that. He's saying that gamers want to see all options available and wait till everything is out so they can compare the games available/price/future outlook of each console before they spend all their money on a system (since we aren't all rich and can't buy every system as soon as they come out).

N0S3LFESTEEM2135d ago

I would be pissed if I bought a new console... go home... open it and it's cake.

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