Wii outsells PS3 4-to-1, Xbox 360 24-to-1 in Japan

The Nintendo Wii sold an astonishing 331,627 units over the month of February, outpacing the nearest non-Nintendo console competitor, the PlayStation 3, by a margin of 4-to-1. The PlayStation 3 sold a respectable, but unimpressive 89,131 consoles over the same time span, which ranged from Feb. 1 to Feb. 24.

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sonarus3887d ago

Nintendo wii is arguably not really in the same war as MS and PS3 but F 2nd place. No one rememers 2nd place.

Ps3 has slumped terribly in Japan. Only hope at this point is yakuza. Hopefully that can breathe new life into the console. Also sony should seriously consider that price cut. They have cut down price on the manufacturing to a point where they are pretty even or at least almost even. Just bite the bullet and trim down that price more. And where the hell is White knight chronicles. Thats a major rpg why the hell arent you at least attempting to get gamers psyched about this game

decapitator3887d ago

Well this was expected. With Brawl launching last month and everything, It will come down a bit next month.

pharmd3887d ago

......*watches dead horse get beat more and more*......

LaChance3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

@sonarus Yeah thats true but why do you people always compare the wii to the 360 when its being outsold by the wii.The wii is another market only when it pleases you.

I still dont understand whats going on with the ps3 in Japan.Come on its been more than a year now and it still hasnt taken off.Dont tell me they are waiting for MGS4 , People said the same thing for DMC 4.
They are selling barely more than before the price cut.First they were waiting for a price cut , then it was GT5 pro , then it was DMC4...
Maybe Sony is doing something wrong overthere ? Its a mystery to me.
Anyways did MSFT cut the price in Japan like they said they would ? I thought they were supposed to cut the price soon.
If you look properly MSFT is selling double what they did last generation while sony is sellin like 4 times less.Maybe its the lack of JRPG's ?

Anego Montoya FTMFW3887d ago

1. Final Fantasy 13
2. Final Fantasy Versus
3. GT5
4. MGS4

comes out.

when FF13 and FFV comes out it`ll be HUGE.

sonarus3887d ago

lol when have 360 sales ever been compared to wii? the ps3 gets compared to the wii FAR more than the 360 does.
It really is the whole JRPG thing that is slowing sales they need a steady flow of good games before ps3 can take off. one game(except final fantasy) cnt make this happen. i think yakuza will sell more than dmc4 so it will be interesting to see how the game sells systems

baxter3887d ago

dont even compare ps3 to x360.

DMC4 and PROLOGUE were never touted as sytem sellers.

DMC3 sold 300000 copies in Japan (less than DMC4 on PS3)

GT4 Prologue sold 700 000 copies to a userbase of 20 m in Japan.

MGS4 and FF13 are considered as syetem sellers . They would give ps3 a mega spike when they are released

even if x360 is priced 100$ in Japan it wont sell more than 2000 units per week there. It is dead there as well as in europe

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ericnellie3887d ago

24-1 -- it's like making fun of a handicapped kid in the 3rd grade =(

ericnellie3887d ago

Why so many disagrees! All I'm saying is...we all know that most Japanese video game consumers turn their head at the 360 and this has severely hindered their sales from the very beginning. This is a major "handicap" for M$ and I don't think any gamer really expected Japan to buy more 360s than Wiis or PS3s. When sales data is released the 360 has been at the bottom every time being out sold by even the PS2...sad but true. Why keep picking on a socially-handicapped-in-Japan gaming system or posting it as news when we all know the out come....the news has been the same since day one -- we've just changed the title of the articles to make them seem like new information or something...we are all just beating a dead horse

meepmoopmeep3887d ago

man, when will this Wii phase end? that's just crazy

vloeistof3887d ago

ff xiii needs to come out for ps3

MiniMii3887d ago

As we know, the PS3 outsold the 360 in the rest of the world. Now Japan data confirms that PS3 outsold the 360.

Wii is a fad. The reason the sales boomed again, is people of Brawl hype. Lets be honest, brawl hype wont last forever. And this IS the last of Nintendo's cards.

MS already played all theirs.
Sony still has a shiatload of cards and secret weapons.

mighty_douche3887d ago

Mario cart will sell big time.

actas1233887d ago

Wii sells much better simply because their software are way cheaper than the other two consoles..

MiniMii3887d ago

Mario cart will sell nice like most nintendo 1st party titles. But its not on par with smash bros brawl and will not beat smash bros brawl. Brawl is single handedly the most hyped and most anticipated Nintendo game of last year and this year.

Sorry kid, but nintendo is at its peak right now. And after that, just like the 360 did with Halo 3, will fall down slowly, slowly, slowly, untill totally overtaken by the PS3.

FinalomegaS3887d ago

I keep seeing this word float around the net,

"MS already played all theirs.
Sony still has a shiatload of cards and secret weapons."

I believe you can lend me that crystal ball you have because I would like to see the future also. You must love Sony and all their cards & secret weapons. You know before the PS3 was released , there are 3 games that was supposed to be "it" DMC, FFXIII,MGS4. Well DMC went multi short after and guess what it didn't do much. I expect the other 2 to move systems but can they make this system go into that fairytale class you so hope it will. I don't think this gen is like the last, thing are different and you should acknowledge that.

SSBB sales isn't misleading, you know what's misleading is the sales of the PSP in Japan, what software is on it for it to sell? Nothing really but Sony is doing a great job having their multimedia device slide off as a gaming system but how can 3rd parties keep making games on a system that isn't selling game. The PS3 sales will increase thanks to the Trojan horse Sony had included into the system. I am fine buying a gaming system from them, but I didn't want a BR player. That's right I don't know what I want ,they they tell me what i want.


baxter3887d ago

DMC was never touted as a system seller for PS3


DMC3 sold 300 000 units in Japan ---even less than DMC4.

MGS4 and FF13 are touted as not just system sellers but BIGGEST games of this generation.

FF13 will easily sell between 14m to 1.8 m copies on launch day in Japan. MGS4 will do about the same and so will GT5 ( same goes to europe)

For MS and x360 it is sim-ply over.

they are gone in Europe and Japan and will be gone in USA no doubt.

you seen the JAN NPD . you will also see the FEB NPD and rest of the years.

ps3 will overtake x360 in total sales this year ( will surpass x360 2:1 in europe by the end of this year)

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