Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch - Familiar Spotlight - Meet Mite

Prima kicks off their new familiar spotlight series with a focus on Mite, your special little orange buddy!

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izumo_lee4174d ago

When i first got Mite i kept him in my party for the entire game for Oliver. He was my damage dealer for the majority of the first half of the game until i caught a Dinoceros with its 450+ Atk/300+ Def in its final form.

Mite is adorable when you feed him chocolate & everytime i see him eat it, i smile.

joab7774174d ago

I just ditched him and it was a sad moment. I have bighorn and naja and i added plessie for now. when i run accross dinocerous i will see if there is room. I am tryin to make room for naiad but all 9 (so far) are full. Using green bunchers, splishie, and shonky tonkers with thumlemur, monolith and bonehead.

dragonopt14174d ago

I ditched him very early, I'm rolling with two Dinoceros a Bonehead and a Plessie, can take on anything lol.

GribbleGrunger4174d ago

Ok, so where can I find a Dinoceros?

Catoplepas4174d ago

The cliffs north of castaway cove. The Genie Steppes.

izumo_lee4174d ago

Check the cliffs above the trial temple, they don't spawn right away but run around the cliffs & it will show up.

GribbleGrunger4174d ago (Edited 4174d ago )

Cheers fellas, they seem all the rage and I really need something to protect Oliver when I'm not controlling him. He just seems to be a hurt magnet at the moment. Does anyone know what you unlock with the last perk available? I think It says, 'Make Oliver the ultimate wizard' or something along those lines. It costs 8 cards so it better be good! While I'm on the subject of perks, can you get all of them in a single play-through?

@Catoplepas: THANKS! I think I'll get the others first then.

Catoplepas4174d ago (Edited 4174d ago )

It's +100 health and mana.

Only for Oliver and his familiars though, not the entire team.

And yes to getting all the perks. Assuming you complete every sidequest, there are just enough merit stamps for every reward.

saint_seya4174d ago

lol im just starting, i have like 12 or so familiars xD .. and reading all this commments make me feel so squishy XD


Where the Heck is Ni No Kuni 3, Mun?

Matt from We Game Daily writes: "Cross Worlds isn’t going away. It’s making a small fortune, particularly in Asian markets, so there’s no reason for Level-5 to pull the plug. That said, there’s no real reason why a full PC/console sequel can’t be developed alongside efforts to support Cross Worlds."

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Relientk77179d ago

While Ni no Kuni 3 would be cool, if it was like the first game, where is Dark Cloud 3 and Rogue Galaxy 2?

phoenixwing179d ago

I thought the dev recently went mobile and Japan only. They shut down their American offices. So don't expect anything for consoles

shinoff2183179d ago (Edited 179d ago )

I swear they just announced a few new games.


phoenixwing179d ago

I stand corrected then. Never heard about these games and also i just remember ni no kuni online being mobile only.

Michiel1989178d ago

they said a loooooong time ago that Level 5 was working on a new installment but there has been no news since afaik. I just hope that they take more inspiration from 1 than 2, especially when it comes to the story.

thorstein178d ago

Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds is the mobile game you're thinking of.

It looks amazing but I don't like to play mobile games.

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-Foxtrot178d ago

Yeah the sequel was okay but had nothing on the first game, especially the battle system.

The story just didn't have that charm and even the twist at the end of the game wasn't really anything cool like Wrath of the White Witch.

Also the fact there was like ZERO mention of Oliver or his adventures in the game, no references, nothing was such weird. It's set a hundred or so years after but still, I'd have expected to seen some throw backs. I think we just got like a temple with his statue in it or something.

goldwyncq178d ago

If you want more Oliver, just watch the movie.

shinoff2183179d ago

Fking word. I've been hoping for this for quite some time.

melons178d ago

The premium games didn't sell amazingly, right?

shinoff2183178d ago

Not to sure. They should of though. They were pretty good. I like both.

Michiel1989178d ago

yeah, especially outside of japan. They should have released on pc at the same time as the ps3 version or a short time after.

Inverno178d ago

They should've worked with Ghibli to put out a proper movie. Should've also made a Pokemon-esque spin-off rather than make Yokai Watch. If they do make a third game they gotta work with Ghibli!


Remembering the Best JRPGs on the PS3

Get ready to embark on a journey filled with monsters, magic, and overpowered haircuts, because this list features the best JRPGs on the PS3.

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shinoff2183341d ago (Edited 341d ago )

There wasn't that many. Thanks to the west's criticism. It was definitely lacking compared to every other ps system. Dont get me wrong there were a few good ones i know that.

jznrpg341d ago

Nier, Valkyrie Chronciles, Tales games , Ni No Kuni, Resonance of Fate, FF13’s, Ys8 just a few off the top of my head and there were a lot more.

CrimsonWing69341d ago (Edited 341d ago )

Not nearly to the degree of PS1 and PS2.

@shinoff2183 makes a good point that around the PS3/Xbox 360 gen is when the genre wasn’t as prevalent and began to shy away from turn-based. There’s some standouts for sure, but look at the PS1 and PS2 JRPG library and then compare that to the PS3 and PS4’s.

Theres definitely a decline in a selection of titles. Even worse was the quality seemed to take a massive hit as well. I think Lost Odyssey was a huge standout for that gen when you look at production values, then you look at something like Fairy Fencer on the PS3 and it’s kind of depressing.

But by that generation there was a shift from western developed games overtaking Japanese developed games. Back from the NES to PS2 Japanese games were the cream of the crop… I don’t know what happened but like midway into the PS3/360 life-time they became less so.

shinoff2183341d ago (Edited 341d ago )

Compared to the ps1 ps2 and he'll even ps4 ps3 doesn't hold a candle to either imo. It's also when turn based damn near disappeared. Again thanks to the west's criticism

Crimson I'd put money on the west being at fault, guys like Phil phish, and numerous others at that time were attacking jrpg and Japanese games in general pretty hard.

Ni no kuni was probably my fav jrpg back then , and the blue dragon