Violent Video Games: How Much Influence Do They Really Hold?

One of Entertainment Fuse's writer, Emma Quinlan, tackles the hot discussion that's been taken place for so long. "When I was 12 years old my parents bought me Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and I have yet to run someone down or kill a prostitute. I know many people around my age that played Vice City as well as Mortal Kombat, Streets Of Rage, and Resident Evil as kids. I am still yet to see any reports that say that they were so deeply influenced by their childhood gaming sessions, that they have since ripped someone’s heart out or that they often stab strangers on the street."

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Metamorph932081d ago

Good read. I enjoyed your article very much.

Video games don't cause violence. Stupidity causes violence. I'm sorry, but if you're letting your child play a rated M or T game, you're stupid. There are age limits for a reason. The same goes for movies. PG-13 are becoming more racey. That's why it says PG (parental guidance). Most parents don't care what their children do these days. It's as if stupidity has just taken over the world, and the people with brains just sit back and let it go on.

When smart people become violent, it's to overcome the idiots. There's only so much we can take, especially with the government these days. Woo. There's nothing but wacks in government. Democracy, Republican, Democrat, etc mean nothing in this day and age. I believe they will continue to mean nothing until people come forward and fight for their rights. Otherwise, there will be no rights at all.