How Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli decided to hire the ex-Vigil team based on one meeting

The Darksiders Vigil team is gone. Here's how they became Crytek USA over the course of a weekend.

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JeffGrubb3226d ago

Those Germans don't give a damn about CVs!

FarCryLover1823226d ago

No point in even reading them. 3 games made by Vigil, all really good. All they needed to know!

Sadie21003226d ago

That's pretty crazy how they can make such a big-money decision so quickly like this. Takes me longer than this just to decide what game to buy next!

SybaRat3226d ago

It was so awesome that this happened.

Christopher3226d ago

***Yerli said he wasn’t worried about discovering the developers’ technical or creative abilities because he believes that the Darksiders games speak for themselves.***

Couldn't have said it better myself.

adorie3226d ago

Sony should pick up Darksiders IP. I know many would rather Platinum Games to, and I 2nd that, but my first choice would be Sony. I'd like to see what they could do with such a promising franchise.

darkronin2293226d ago

Yeah I'm happy for the ex-Vigil people that got new jobs out of this, but it kind of sucks that they won't be working on Darksiders 3

Ripsta7th3226d ago

it should stay multiplatform , that way they can get more sales and grow as a studio and create other great games that everyone can enjoy

solid_warlord3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

Isn't darksiders an RPG sword fighting game? We live in the age of shooters. Why the hell would a company like Sony or Crytek want to own a RPG IP, let alone create one.

Console Gamers usually play shooters, thats the truth. These games usually do not sell well on consoles. Only 2 or 3 three have succeeded reasonably but RPG are games that can never compete against shooters on console.

Im sorry but i'm a console gamer and i don't see any value in RPG sword fighting crap on consoles. If i was an RPG whore i would abandon consoles and stick with PC.

Don't like the idea of Console being shooters paradise then go play on PC. Consoles is the place were the business is. Like it or not, shooters are the backbone of Console gaming.

Christopher3226d ago

***Console Gamers usually play shooters, thats the truth. These games usually do not sell well on consoles. Only 2 or 3 three have succeeded reasonably but RPG are games that can never compete against shooters on console. ***

And therefore that's all they should ever play?

*So, no more Elder Scrolls (aka Skyrim), no more Fable, no more Fallout, no more Mass Effect, no more Dragon Age, no more Witcher, no more Final Fantasy, no more Ni No Kuni, no more Tales, and let's just go ahead and cancel Cyberpunk 2077. Yup. All those games have sold horribly. Haven't even made any profit.

* Note: sarcasm mode enabled

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

I just hope they don't make them make a shooter. I want them to have creative freedom.

solid_warlord3226d ago

If you own a console then ur in the wrong place son...go play WoW on the PC.

solid_warlord3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

@cgoodno last time i checked, Mass Effect was 90% shooter with RPG element only for storyline options. This is tolerable. Fable is dead and final fantasy is also a dead franchise. There's one or more every year and no one cares.

I played fallout and tried skyrim, god such a nasty game. On fallout, u shoot the guy a 100times still dont die. When i fire a gun, i expect them to die quickly just as in COD or BF and just like in real life. Skyrim was one sucessful game but god, how can anyone enjoy a sword fighting game. They are usually fat geeeks who do.

About the other games u mentioned...never heard of them before.

Shooters a manly games, its masculine for men to enjoy. RPG's lack masculinity.

Let me give you a list of shooters that have "DOMINATED" in sales this gen and most played and consistently Achieving "Game of the Year" every year this gen.

1) Call Of Duty 8 games(in excess of over 6 billion dollar plus this gen alone)

2) Battlefield series

3) GTA 4

4) Uncharted series

5) Halo series

6) Gears of War series

7) Bioshock

8) Metal Gear Solid 4

9) Killzone series

10) Left 4 Dead series

PLUS MANY MORE that have dominated headline, record breaking sales and making console a hub for shooters....Don't like it? go play WoW on the PC and be Quiet...U MAD?

----------------------------- ---------------
No RPG's can dominate on consoles. Below are a list of best selling games on console this gen. U will see it is dominated by shooters.

This is how Typical PC and RPG gamer look like

Kalowest3226d ago Show
Christopher3225d ago

There is so much fail here, it hurts.

First of all, if we talk domination, we'd all still be playing platformers and third-person action games.

Second of all, most of those listed haven't dominated the sales charts in comparison to Skyrim, FFXIII, Mass Effect (it is an RPG), Dragon Age (the first one), Fallout, or The Witcher.

I'm not saying shooters aren't popular, but you don't suddenly cancel all the rest because people play more of one type. Because, as I said, we'd currently live in a world of platformer, third-action adventure games. Why? Super Mario games have netted the most profit this generation, beyond CoD.

Prcko3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

Does crytek printing money or what???

JeffGrubb3226d ago

I have more from this interview that I'll post tomorrow, but he said that they aren't expanding as rapidly as it appears from the outside.

deadfrag3226d ago

Yes!Cryengine 3 prints lots of it!

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