9 Reasons Why Sony May Not Announce The PlayStation 4 This February

"From the moment announced their February 20th event, the news reports have all converged on the idea that the event will be the announcement of the PlayStation 4. Most of this information originates from a Wall Street Journal article that cites “sources”, but nothing more. There is a possibility this announcement will not be the big PS 4 reveal everyone is expecting and here are 9 reasons why this event could possibly catch everyone off guard." - LazyTechGuys

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Sandmano2794d ago

The backlash if it isnt will be huge!

The thing is if Sony did not know people would expect a ps4 reveal from that teaser I really dont know what to say...

But Im betting it is...

Seraphemz2794d ago

I dont get why there would be backlash against SONY. They didnt ever say that it was about the PS4.

Im starting to think that it is, but you never know.

Either way, there are going to be a lot of people tuned in on the 20th to see what happens.

classic2002794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

Sony fans - Everyone on youtube its the PS4, its coming and then the 20th sony announce.

Hey guys its me jack tretton and I have a new announcement, it's the PLAYSTATION VITA $50 cheaper.

The good news with that announcement atleast vita will be cheap, the bad news the fans and investors would be piss. But I believe its the PS4 without a doubt, sony basically have us right where they want us.

They want articles like this too to keep our brains on the PS4, they don't mind any opinions right now from anyone as long as your talking about it then mission accomplish.

crusadernm2794d ago

The world wide media would destroy Sony. Their stocks would tank.

zeeshan2794d ago Show
dlpg5852794d ago

@zeeshan perhaps he is an xbox fanboy and his opinions are unpopular if not untrue, but there's no need to degrade him and yourself by namecalling. everyone has a right to their own opinion and the day that i can't voice it on this site will be the day i stop visiting this site for good.

he only has one bubble anyways

zeeshan2794d ago

Actually, the reason I am doing this is because I had reached a certain limit. There is only so much trolling that you can be patient with.

I have absolutely no problem when people share their opinion but there is a difference between sharing your opinion and trying crap on every other story related to SONY and their Playstation products.

maniacmayhem2794d ago


Why even feed him or give him that much attention. You have damn near followed him in almost every article and posted the same thing. You're just as bad as he is.

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Thatguy-3102794d ago

I think it is because right after the teaser a lot about the console was "leaking" out. From both sony and Microsoft, sony had less info leaked about until right after the teaser went up. I mean there obviously won't use the whole conference to go into detail about it but they will unveil it. I believe they will unveil it and show some montage of some titles that's coming to it just like they did when they announced the NGP. Gdc will have behind close doors showings and then they will go all out at E3.

Donnieboi2794d ago

I also believe ps4 will be announced on the 20th, but how does an increase in rumors about supposed specs of the ps4 prove that the rumors themselves are true? Seriously, are people so dense that they believe every little rumor they hear? Do u not understand that these "leaks" tend to appear on websites that look like they were put together by amatuers? Why arent these leaks on sites like Egmnow, ign, etc...yet on sites filled to the brim with sensational headlines and a thousand ads on one page? For hits, that's why. (Not to say that ign and Egm dont have ads too, but if I was an insider, I would leak info to a site that is known for having connections, rather than sites run by men who live in their mother's attic).

MikeMyers2794d ago

If the PS4 is not what Feb. 20th is about there will be a meltdown on the internet. If the PS4 is indeed what Feb. 20th is about then there will still be a meltdown but in a good way. Either way it's going to get pretty hot come Feb. 20th.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2794d ago

Those were ridiculous reasons...

Ps3 still has games coming out? Really? You expect sony to just stop releasing good games for the ps3 just cuz the ps4 is coming out soon?

MmaFan-Qc2794d ago

"9 Reasons Why Sony May Not Announce The PlayStation 4 This February"

give me ONE reason why we should trust a random guy on the internet about that?

Sandmano2794d ago

I dont think the support for the ps3 will stop look how long the support for the ps2 lasted.

WooHooAlex2794d ago

Ya, that really isn't really a valid reason. Sony released God of War II after the PS3 launched.
Just because they have good titles available on PS3 leading up to a new console launch doesn't really mean anything, just that Sony likes to give us good games late in the console cycle.

KentBlake2794d ago

I couldn't find a single reason that made any sense whatsoever.

Sandmano2794d ago

Agreed all the reasons were not convincing at all but as a journalist these days especially its hard for them not to jump on the hype train and make articles like this to get hits. Im sure the guy himself that wrote this article probably isnt convinced with these reasons...

Chaoslegion82794d ago

In aroundabout way they did. Cause you don't make a cryptic teaser invite investors
Just so you can cover a handheld that up this point really doesn't have anything going for it.
And that gaikai? Nope! That's gonna be left more than likely for E3 to be discussed.

Could this date be used to announce new ps3 games? Possible but with all the nextgen leaks we've been hearing of lately I believe the time is now to bring out the ps4. And the teaser served
As the warning shot.

jp_footy22794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

Reason 3 is valid, but then again they could announce a ps3 price cut to $149.99.

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