What we expect from the PlayStation 4

5 things we expect from the next-generation console from Sony.

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unchartedxplorer2109d ago

God it seems like everybody is talking about the next gen consoles as if sony and microsoft has already announced them.
N4g has even a ps4 and xb720 section on the site.
And Sony and Microsoft hasn't even said a word about them.

metroid322109d ago

proves what a fan boy site this is basically microsoft and sony are KING as far as n4g is concerned even vita got a spot before it was released yet 3ds is hidden ?? even though 3ds is a success with actual games to talk about very sad site.

BitbyDeath2109d ago

Only 16 days and 1 hour to go.

metroid322109d ago


Well this is the real gpu in wiiu i emailed AMD they said this.