Sony's Real Test Will Be After The PlayStation 4 Launch

Maani Value Guru: ''In case if you believe the media hoopla, then Sony (SNE) is going to be unveiling the next PlayStation titled PS4 in just a couple of weeks. The company has offered a latest teaser trailer of sorts on the PlayStation Blog, and it suggests that the next PlayStation will be introduced on February 20. That's just a few weeks away, so the PlayStation 4 could be nearer than some believe. I mentioned the impending PS4 launch in my last article, and how the recent news from China regarding lifting of console ban would be a good catalyst for PS4 after the launch.

The invitation post on the PlayStation Blog is short on specifics, but the title does invite us to "See the Future." Just like all good teasers, Sony doesn't give away much either. All we can spot are the classic PlayStation symbols and the February 20, 2013 date at the end. Obviously, we can't be sure of Sony's motives, but it definitely appears that the company is gearing up to announce its next gaming console.''

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Dylila2082d ago

i would love it if ps4 is backward compatible to play all ps3,ps2 and ps1 game discs. would be willing to pay £600 for it day would also be amazing to get all games digitally if i felt like getting them.

i would like sony to allow me to connect my vita wirelessly through ps4 and play my games on my teli using vita.

classic2002082d ago (Edited 2082d ago )

I think all of that will be likely even if they are doing it by gaikai. Personally I have never seen sony this aggressive in a long time, there confidence is so strong they are willing to announce the PS4 before anymore games are release. Whatever they are announcing the chances it will shake the gaming industry and cause PC gamers to enter PS4 youtube videos to preach about their holy graphics card.

profgerbik2082d ago (Edited 2082d ago )

No one has said they are announcing the PS4 so early on other than analysts and journalist.

.. and I am not not even being a wanker about this but PC gamers could give a rats ass what a console does. PC enthusiast already have PC's that will be far more powerful than the PS4, I know mine is.

All consoles are anyway are stripped down PC's they even use the same components.

A real enthusiast should be yapping on about way more than just their graphics card. A good graphics card doesn't mean much that is like a fraction of what one would need for a really good PC, CPU is very important also and so is the amount of RAM you have.

classic2002082d ago (Edited 2082d ago )


There you go preaching about the holy power of all PC except its on N4G and not youtube. Predicting that all types of PC from low end gaming, mid range to high end gaming PC will all be more powerful than the PS4.

Clap hands once more for the PC preachers and the PC community for prophesying the future of gaming.

darthv722082d ago

be better if sony revised the vita to support direct tv connection instead of trying to use the vita in some wii-u type of setup.

Real dedicated hardware trumps emulated anyday. Same could be said about BC. Yeah i like the idea of BC and would gladly play some of my older games on newer hardware provided that it is more than straight BC but improved in some ways.

Playing a ps1 game on a PS2 there were some filters that could be applied and a drive trick to improve load times but it didnt look the same as a real PS1. Same is said about playing PS2 games on the PS3. Some games just didnt look or play right. Even on the original 60gb hardware BC units.

Wii being able to play GC games was convenient but there are some limitations. So i resorted to playing gc games on my gc again. I dont have the wii-u but so far it seems the wii-u ability to play wii games is better implemented than the ps2 playing ps1 and ps3 playing ps2.

if they are going to offer BC then the previous generation level is sufficient. IE 3ds playing ds but not gba. DS playing gba but not gb/gbc. And those are examples of direct BC with the real titles not downloaded or streamed renditions.

profgerbik2082d ago (Edited 2082d ago )

The PS Vita has a port on it that no one to this day even knows what it is used for. They very well could release video out later on.

The PS Vita dev kits already had video out so the chances are quite good that the PS Vita already supports TV out with that port. Especially considering you could connect the PSP to a TV and the PSPgo to a TV, seems very likely the Vita can do the same they just haven't released the cables yet.

Npugz72082d ago

Oh I can only imagine how many dissapointed people there are going to be if its not the PS4 on Feb 20

KUV19772082d ago (Edited 2082d ago )

Probably a gazillion and I will be their leader, or not. I'm not that into hierarchies, but I will certainly be among them should said scenario apply. What a sad day that would be.

mochachino2082d ago

If PS4 isn't revealed on the 20th I will be utterly disappointed.

I'm not expecting a "full" reveal but maybe a game or two, system design, specs and controller and perhaps some new features.

I'm 100% sure price won't be revealed.

Shadow Man2082d ago (Edited 2082d ago )

if they announce the ps4, i will still keep playing my ps3, so many exclusives i still haven't got a chance to play.

jacksheen00002082d ago

Dang! feb 20 can't come soon enough.

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