Microsoft's Japan-only Blue Dragon bundle

Microsoft has put together this sweet, Japan-only Blue Dragon bundle that probably ain't gonna do much to enhance the company's bottom line (read: it's likely subsidized), but will (they hope) juice the 360's pitiable sales in that country.

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kmis875906d ago

Couldn't they do a bundle with the premium version so Japanese gamers don't have to get the crappy version and then find out they have to buy an hdd separate. But I guess for $250 you can't complain that much.

eques judicii5906d ago

well.. even if they buy the hdd separate... that's still 350... which is less than the premium. I guess with the figurines, the games, and the faceplate definitely make up for it.

kmis875905d ago

Yeah it's still a really good deal.

PS360PCROCKS5905d ago

apparently no one here noticed it but I was offended (so were the bloggers on that web page) about the reference to how us "Round eyes" won't be getting this bundle this christmas

nirwanda5905d ago

would you want a japanese RPG that won't be translated to english until 2007 besides ms need to do all that they can to win over the japanese look at it this way they have only a small selection of game avalible at the moment and most of the good stuff like oblivion ect. proberbly wont even get a release, ms need dev support from japan and the only way to get it will be to win over the people if blue dragon flies off the shelf's like pokamon has for the ds or like ff7 did for the ps1 then the dev's will make more games for the 360.
the saturn in japan out sold the ps1 until ff7 came out and actually sold more copies than there were ps1's avalible.

ScorpioKyle5905d ago

i don't think he was complaining about us not getting the bundle, but on the quote on the website about round-eyes.

One5905d ago

i realized something today, that people are
very sensitive about the way thier eyes are shaped.

Dante15905d ago

Hmm it came to my attention that 360 fanboys bash PS3 with a pashion and a lot of games on the PS2 were Japan RPG's, so please tell me why all you MS fanboys are so excited about this game, especially when it looks like a cartoon, it tells me a number of things most obvious being that you are devoted to MS and will buy whatever they tell you to buy and second you are flamming PS3 for no reason, so please when i here this rubbish about the Xbox being better because of it's games, i laugh because PS3 is better because of it's games, it's obvious Xbox fanboys bash every PS3 game because they are jealous, if any console is better for games it will be buy an inch and that's not giving anyone a good reason to bash either console for that reason, both consoles got great games comming, many multi platform so guys like the Mart stop kissing MS [email protected] unless you are an employee and start playing your Xbox 360 like you love to boast about, because i guarentee you PS3 will be the dominant console again, no doubt about it.


well, the 360 definately has some great games coming...

the PS3...?


Schmitty075904d ago

It is funny how you say that we are bashing the PS3, but not one post is.

kewlkat0075905d ago

like a sonyfanboy noob, It's funny how everyday we here the same things from the sonyfanboy goons. I wonder why he thinks his post is any different.

MS probally will not quite in japan just caus eit would be stupid to do so. Once developers start supporting the console over there with promising games like this one, I think they will be alright. This is a good start.