Games Radar Previews Gran Turismo 5: Prologue

However you look at it, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue is essentially a sedative to calm the anger of a legion of patient fans who have been tapping their fingers for years waiting for Polyphony Digital to, well, pull their finger out and release the full Gran Turismo 5. Even now, Gran Turismo head honcho Kazunori Yamauchi has only suggested that "it might be sometime in 2009". Curses! If there wasn't enough meat on the bones of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue we wouldn't have put it past you and would have instead started burning effigies of the development team outside their offices. But thankfully, it does.

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wil4hire3975d ago

Stretching to find something wrong.

1. The AI is upgraded. The A.I Cars will slow down for you *IF* they can in time. That never happened before. The AI also screws up randomly, not how it used to be (The viper always spinning out at the last lap, same turn) Like in GT4-3-2. Bump the AI around for a bit to see how easily they let you by.

2. Sound. I've heard a GTR in real life. The only thing prologue is missing is a slight rattle the exhaust makes sort of metallic like the previous gen M3. The transmission whine is great as well. The Tire screech is too loud. If you are a fan of the cars, i'm sure youve wated youtube videos/top gear etc and know around what these things sound like. 1997 used to sound like a MIDI sound file. These sounds are decent and there is low to little compression in the audio.

However, people that have played GT5/P/Demo actually noticed this.

CaliGamer3975d ago

You missed the most important fact, this is a demo. They want to leave something for the final game. This guy obviously knows nothing about the GT series as I so eloquently point out in my post below. LOL.

CaliGamer3975d ago

He means me wants an ARCADE RACER, this is a DRIVING SIMULATOR. This author really needs to look elsewhere because obviously he knows nothing about the GT series.
Basically when top race car drivers praise the game and use it for training, then this guys opinion about the game becomes garbage.
It's like he went to the symphony and got mad because they didn't play any No Doubt or Killers. WRONG PLACE MAN.

PimpHandHappy3975d ago

will carry over to the full blown GT5 game...if thats true i will pick my race days starting in April and never look back...

cant wait for this game

one of the few games i bought a PS3 for and i happy i get a taste of 1080p driving glory so soon. These games dont come out every year and there is a reason for it..

other games i bought this system for