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Jon from The Vita Lounge reviews the first Fishing game on the Vita, Let's Fish: Hooked On!

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profgerbik2080d ago (Edited 2080d ago )

Much better review than the last one. I am just waiting for my free PSN cash to buy it though.. was going to buy it sooner but I might as well use that $20 from the Vita referral on this.

Who knows though chances are it will end up on PS+.

MmaFan-Qc2080d ago

peoples who already played sega bass fishing know exactly what this game is about, i couldnt care less about review from peoples who doesnt like that kind of game.

profgerbik2080d ago (Edited 2080d ago )

"I could careless" not "I couldn't careless"

I don't even know how to respond to what you said for the most part as it really has nothing to do with this article.

The person clearly liked the game and they played Sega Bass fishing. Other than that I have no clue what point you were trying to make.

BuffMordecai2080d ago (Edited 2080d ago )

"I couldn't care less" is the right way to use that phrase, because it implies that he couldn't give any less of a damn about the opinions of the other reviewers who just don't get the game. If he could "care less" then that suggests that he at least cares a little.

Paul_Murphy2080d ago

If you read the review, you'll see he was surprised by how much he enjoyed it, implying that more people unfamiliar with the series or genre might actually enjoy it too. he scored it quite highly. Some of you have just shown that you didn't even read it the review yet felt the need to comment anyway.

Thanks, profgerbik.

MmaFan-Qc2080d ago


...and im french canadian, i hope profgerbik main spoken language isn't english.