The Gamasutra Quantum Leap Awards: Role-Playing Games

In September 2006, the editors of Gamasutra asked its readership of game industry professionals to chime in and vote for which game in the role-playing genre "brought the genre forward" in the biggest way - whether it be an early game that helped define the RPG, or a more recent one which took those core ideas and developed a more rewarding experience than before.

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kmis876346d ago

I love these historical articles; they're always a fun read.

UrbanJabroni6346d ago

Gamasutra is great and I generally love nostalgia pieces. Having fallout as the pic was an added bonus!

kmis876346d ago

Well Bethesda has been working on a third installment of the Fallout series since 2004, and I think they've announced it as multiplatform, so whether you're on a ps3, 360, or good ol' pc I guess you have something real exciting to look forward to since you're a fallout fan.

kmis876345d ago

It wasn't even the best Final Fantasy ever. 4,5,6,7,8, and 9 were all better than 10, in my opinion. Also, I think that 12 is going to be much better than 10 was, so if you liked 10, 12 should blow you away.

Anyways, the awards were for games that changed the genre. 4 and 7 were the two final fantasies that represented the biggest leaps forward for the series, so that is why 4 got the mention.


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BrainSyphoned8d ago

There were hairstyles in elden ring? Didn't notice as I was too busy enjoying the game to get out my microagression bingo card.

CrimsonWing698d ago

What’s wrong with character hairstyles? There’s such a variety of unique designs, what in the hell do you want?

Michiel19898d ago

the fuck is he talking about? You're free to become a digital artist yourself and create new and refreshing hairstyles for women and black people......

DragonBuster8d ago

Already done in Dragon Ball Z games.
SSJ3 Goku has the best hairstyle.