Top 10 Most Disturbing Nintendo Commercials

BT writes: You know, old video game commercials are probably the thing I wax the most nostalgic about. Sure, they were often cheesier than your average 80′s sitcom and they often told you very little, if anything, about the game in question. These old commercials seemed like they existed in a world all their own… and sometimes that world could get pretty dang disturbing. Still, however misguided or messed-up these commercials could get, they still did the job of leaving an impact on consumers. So hug your blanket and keep your doors locked, as we count down the top ten most disturbing Nintendo Commercials. Why Nintendo? Because if I had to go through the entire console war of the 90′s, this list would have over 100 entries.

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izumo_lee2082d ago

WTF did i just watch?! You serious this was an actual commercial?! Oh wait it's Japanese...well than, that seems normal now that i think about it.

karlowma2082d ago

Haha, my thoughts exactly.

Pozzle2082d ago

At least its better than the Zelda rap...