Bungie video of the evolution of Halo

Halo is shown in early development, from when it was still being developed as a Myth-like RTS, to an over-the-shoulder 3rd person shooter complete with the Master Chief riding a lizard, up until the build from the first Halo trailer at E3 2000.

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DJ5899d ago

"Who the hell thought that effect was cool?"
-"I'm right here!!"-

Hehe, priceless. The comment about how the E3 video was totally scripted with no AI was pretty shocking, and the footage of the early god. I wish there were more videos like this.

eques judicii5899d ago

thought it was a lil obvious... the baddies just standing there and all ;-)

Asuka5898d ago

halo was a PS2 title, lmao!

calderra5898d ago

Despite the thinking of the Sony world, Halo was NEVER bound for PS. Ever.

Bungie went Mac -> PC -> Xbox, and that was it (just watch this video!). To date, nobody really knows where the Playstation rumors came from. At least not that I know of.

Asuka5898d ago

they have an article on halo being for the PS2.

The BS Police5898d ago

When Bungie had the game partner ship with Take Two Halo 1 was originally gonna be coming out for the PS 2, Hoever it did not for the following reasons.

1. Take Two cancelled the Partnership with Bungie.

2. Microsoft purchased Bungie

3. Bungie could not get Halo 1 to work on the PS2 at all.

power of Green 5898d ago

DJ likes Halo and Gow more than 360 fans. I wish he would just sell his 360 and go away.

thetruth5898d ago

Wow this vid is so old. Its been on for ages now. Thus, its not really breaking news.

Capt CHAOS5898d ago

And a crack up.. Love the commentary. Yeah, the vid is old but worth a re-watch!!