VGChartz Report: Americas Sales for the Week Ending February 23, 2008

Devil May Cry will top 1 million units next week. Capcom has to be happy with the results.

- Rockband, on Xbox 360 alone, will top 1 million units in two weeks, perhaps next week. Link's Crossbow Training should reach the milestone at the same time.

- Nintendo and EA were the top publishers for the week; both sold over 500,000 units of software.

- 3rd party published titles in the top ten lists: Wii – 5, Xbox 360 – 7, PS3 – 9.

- Quietly Approaching 500k: Rayman Raving Rabbits 2, Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronciles, DDR: Hottest Party for Wii. Rockband, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune and Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction for PS3. Scene It!, The Simpsons Game, Skate for Xbox 360.

- Professor Layton will cross 100,000 units in two weeks. Looks like it may have some good legs.

- Wii Play passes 5.0 million in two weeks. Any guesses on Wii Fit lifetime sales?

- Xbox 360 passes 11.0 million units this week. Wii passes 9.5 million units next week, while this week saw PS3 pass 4.0 million units.

- Charting 500k Totals in the Top 200, including bundles: Xbox 360 – 26, Wii – 19, PS3 – 6.

- Since their respective launches, a total of 24,536,636 Xbox 360s, Wiis, and PS3s have been sold in the Americas. To date, Xbox 360 accounts for 44.9% of those sold, Wii accounts for 38.5% of those sold, and PS3 accounts for 16.6% of those sold.

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Nuch Vader3886d ago

I must admit that I'm pleased with the Devil May Cry 4 sales on Xbox 360. The game has its fan base on Playstation. I didn't think it would do so well on 360.

power of Green 3886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

Its doing pretty good for a game on a platform when the fanbase didn't know DMC4 was suppose to be a AAA unlike the Playstation platform with PlayStation fans.

Probably will take a couple more weeks to pass the PS3#'s overall.

This is a title that will sell more copies as soon as the stock or preffered 360 SKU models hit the market, we already see a rise.

Dannagar3886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

@power of green

DMC4 on Xbox 360 has surpassed the Playstation 3 version in sales. Look at the world wide sales of each. Devil May Cry 4 sold 780k on Xbox 360 and 770k on Playstation 3.

Xbox 360: United States 570k, Japan 60K, Europe 150k = 780K

Playstation 3: United States 340k, Japan 270k, Europe 160k = 770k

cmrbe3886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

considering that there are 7 million more x360. Don't you guys think that the x360 version should at least sell more than the PS3 version?.

Edit: Segamer. Thats without Japan sales i believe.

power of Green 3886d ago

Sorry about that It was only last week or so 360 was behind by 50k or so.

mikeslemonade3886d ago

Also it wouldn't be wrong to say that DMC4 would have been a better game if it would have been developed for the PS3 exclusively. DMC is no longer a AAA title. It's obvious that the developers just shoe horned stuff into this game like:


*half of the game is backtracking
*you fight all the bosses 3 times

Multiplatform sucks and the customers don't get the benefit. What could have been a great game is only a good game. Exclusives should stay exclusive.

cmrbe3886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

x360 version according to vg charts.

x360 Devil May Cry 4 773,936

PS3 Devil May Cry 4 775,221

they only just added in Japan sw figures. Only 1k lead :)

CrazzyMan3886d ago

and probably 5GB install has also some effect on ps3 version sales. =)

anyway great dmc4 sales overall. =]

Gina-get-u3886d ago

@ mikeslemonade:

I'm typing this out because I don't like to phantom disagree. I've read this same comment from you several times so I don't doubt that you honestly believe it. But I don't think it's true, and saying it over and over isn't going to persuade anybody who didn't believe you the first time. Show some solid evidence that multi-platform development forced compromises that lowered the quality of this game. Talk about features that had to be cut or reduced because the 360 couldn't do it. That backtracking stuff, that's just a bad design decision but there's no proof that it wouldn't have been done if DMC4 was a PS3 exclusive.

I'm not trying to show you up. I honestly want to know if there's something you've read that I haven't. And here's something you may not be aware of. A simultaneous multi-platform release generally allows the developer to increase the allocation of money for the game's development budget because it is justified by the bigger potential market. Capcom does not have an unlimited supply of cash so it has to divvy up the development money among its various projects according to how much it thinks the game is going to make. If DMC4 were a PS3 exclusive, its development budget would have been proportional to its smaller potential market. Having less money to work with forces as many compromises as multi-platform development.

moparful993885d ago

Gina_get_you Fair enough but you missed one important thing, having a title platform exclusive allows the entire team to focus on the quality of one game instead of co-developing or leading and having to have enough time to port to the second console. This is why all platform exclusives are the best games on their respective platform. All resources are allocated to that one project meaning the same amount of people get the same amount of work done in half the time. This ultimately allows extra time to implement features and tweaks that take a game past great and into the AAA region....

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ikiru33853886d ago

Link's Crossbow Training sold 1 million????

Harry1903886d ago

piece of plastic and minigame.
don''t know where were going with this.
it's not even a real game by Jove.

GUNS N SWORDS3886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

hmmm, is the 360 shortage over yet, or is it still going on.

i must say i'm surprised if it's still going on, the 360 seems to have some what decent numbers even during or after the shortage.

i know what most people say: never trust VGchartz who keeps on posting them LOL.

Primetimebt3886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

It's funny because I was just at my local wal mart last friday and they had a 10 xbox 360 sitting in the glass case while the PS3 case was empty.. Shocking..

cmrbe3886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

you know MS official explanation of their x360 shortages?. I am being serious offcourse.

power of Green 3886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

Good!, what SKU's?.

Its a wide known fact MSFT had/has shortages.

Maybe they're stocking them faster than we thought although MSFT stated the shortage would last into next month give or take; as if you seeing them where you live means there are plenty everwhere. lol

Danja3886d ago

I saw more than a dozen 360's @ my cal Best Buy Wii's and 1 PS3 so I guess the latter two systems are experiencig shortages also

I guess ppl are just tired of calling MS customer service so they go out and buy a more reliable Shiny Black console...

robbo9183886d ago

PoG just in the same sense that he can't claim that because there are X360's in his town doesn't mean its the same worldwide, YOU cannot claim because there are none in your town means its worldwide. Man you are beyond deluded.

"Its a wide known fact MSFT had/has shortages" widely known the MS only came out with this fib hours before NPD's official numbers came out for January. Also even on your lame little tracker site try finding PS3 80Gb systems? Its good to see you beating the same dead horse, keep it up.

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etownone3886d ago

i love my 360, but shortage of console? not buying it.

this article is right, with blu-ray victory, and great line-up this year, a $399 ps3 with 6 free blu-ray movies is too good a deal to turn around and buy a 360 pro at $349 plus $50 for one year of LIVE, total als $399.

i really dont know what M$ is waiting for. the minute there was a $399 ps3 out, it was time to drop the prices on all 360 sku's. you just can't have the 2 consoles priced so closely when ps3 has the advantage of blu-ray now.

cmrbe3886d ago

mistake. They though that Halo 3 and co with price advantage would be enough to kill PS3. Their gamble didn't pay off. I agree they should have lowered their price further when the PS3 dropped to 399 last year.

misterssippi3886d ago

Msoft teased the public last E3 with a $50 price drop. But I sense a more substantial price drop coming, as Msoft has been mums the word. The summer will see a price drop. Sony cannot really drop the price of the PS3 again so quickly, b/c of production cost. On that same token, the Wii is just about due a price drop to around $199, just as the gamecube had.

power of Green 3886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

We already seen the hardware list from many retailers prooving there was a shortage with elites and even pro's SKU's(I posted the list a few times) We already know about the ab-normal drop just a month later in JAN when the 360 sold a million and a half consoles in DEC 2007. lol.

How do fans and PS3 fan go from seeing the proof and thinking it was MSFT releasing a new SKU *to* the shortages never happening?.

Gold fish memory.

DuDe there was a huge list of retailers put together that states the pro and Elite was no where to be seen for weeks. To say nothing has happend is crazy.

I had a better source but its hard to find.

No go look at DEC and JANs numbers.

The Elite is the popular SKU now and even the pro was hard to find.

robbo9183886d ago

Sony is breaking even on the $499 PS3 and the costs of the blu ray parts and some reduction in chip costs they can easily drop price also. If X360 drops watch PS3 drop too IMO, if X360 doesn't drop this summer then PS3 will probably drop around mid to late fall, of course X360 would too. Just my opinion I know but if one drops expect the other to follow.

moparful993885d ago

POG yet again you feverently support microsoft. You attack others about blind faith but you are just as bad. I work at best buy and here at my local best buy I'm good friends with our media coordinator. He has access to best buy's stock utility. There hasnt been an elite shipped to any of the best buy's in my region for two months now, are you trying to tell me microsoft cant manufacture any elites in two months? Meanwhile we've been recieving regular shipments of the pros. Same with the arcades, we have had one shipment in the last two months that had 3 units... This isnt a natural shortage, microsoft is a business and they understand economics better then you or I. They also know that demand goes hand in hand with a shortage. If something has any demand a shortage exasterbates that demand even more. This is one reason nintendo hasnt upped production on the wii's. They know that someone that walks into a store that wasnt intending on buying a wii will see one, know that they are extremely hard to find so they make and impulse buy.. Sony sends us shipmenst of ps3 on a regular basis, they sell rather well but not at a feve pitch. I suggest that you brush up on some economics...

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PimpHandHappy3886d ago

Its nice to see the 360 is out selling the PS2.....

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