Canada's first virtual job fair

Called "a revolution in recruitment" by its organizers, eFairJob is Canada's first virtual job and education fair, to be held online between March 17th to the 28th, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, across Canada.

Using a 3-D interface with 360-degree navigation, eFairJob will offer job-seeking individuals a free and private virtual meeting with potential employers or simply a place to submit a resume or even a video CV. Companies and candidates can interact by exchanging information via a real-time chat window.

Many companies have already reserved virtual booths at the online job fair including: Bell Canada, CN, Bombardier, IKEA, Aldo, SunLife, Ubisoft, Xerox, Vidéotron and Randstad, its national sponsor.

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Surfman3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

..thats somekind of Home. That's an idea for Home lol

Kakkoii3888d ago

Could you perhaps make a little more sense please lol.

toughNAME3888d ago

you remind me of Bob Gainey...

Chubear3888d ago

Take a good look at why the PSN HOME feature is a virtual lock to not jsut succeed but rage outraeously with sucess.

Things like this will come to be the norm for the likes of HOME owners. Easy virtual access for game developers looking for a job, companies from other sectors using it as a meduim.... and you know the military is licking their lips already with this sort of thing.

HOME looks like it'll be a roaring success already. Cant' wait