Mario Kart Wii Wheels also sold separately

If you want an additional Nintendo-branded Mario Kart Wii steering wheels, you won't have to buy another copy of Mario Kart Wii. Nintendo plans on selling extra steering wheels on April 11, the same day Mario Kart Wii debuts in Japan. Each extra steering wheel runs for 1200 yen ($11). Of course, Nintendo's Wii Wheel isn't required to play Mario Kart Wii. Ubisoft's wheel should work fine and so should a standalone controller.

Original source: Famitsu - Japanese

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ChickeyCantor3885d ago

that was pretty obvious else you had to buy 4 copies of the game....

although....why buy it...wii mote alone will do fine.

BrotherNick3885d ago

:P I was thinking it'd prolly be easier to find the dead zones of the wiimote with the steering wheel, because you can tell if you're bending it too far by how you're holding it.