10 awesome Windows key shortcuts

You look at it every day and probably never use it. No, not your treadmill. I'm referring to that Windows button on your computer keyboard that sits in between the ALT and CTRL buttons on the left-hand side of the spacebar.

What's it for, you ask? OK, you know if you press it it'll open your programs (as if you clicked the Start button on your screen) but there are many other uses for it. Here are some shortcuts you can try:

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PimpHandHappy3887d ago

this short cut involes using a mac

ozhuerta3886d ago

Yeah, sure...
is windows for geeks? I can't understand why people still thinks that pos is THE os.
Dumb sheeps.

Pain3886d ago

Yup best ShortCut is to bypass windows lol.

@ Pedophile Pic Kid,

Macs for n00bs? Must suck to be a small mindind M$ windows butt lover to only have
that to say about a superior Computer + OS System.

Its Ok we all now you yurn to Use a Mac and be care free and play Fun games on a Console that wont rrod on you.

GETPWNED3886d ago

Awww, Pain, the stupid, lesbian, emo freak is talking again.... awww.....

ben hates you3886d ago

children fighting, just get over yourselves they both suck same as linux

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SlyGuy3887d ago

CNTRL + ENTER after entering a websites name.

for e.g. type in "n4g" in the address bar and then hit "CNTRL + ENTER"

old (i know), but still useful

Capt CHAOS3887d ago

That CTRL ENTER didn't do anything for me, should it? :-/

Remember, not everyone uses MS Internet Exploder, I'm using firefox, perhaps what you talk about is exclusive to IE?

barom3886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

@1.0 wow thats cool, thanks

@1.1 what happens when you press ctrl + enter is that it automatically puts in www.<what you entered>.com and presses enter for you... so you basically don't need to type "www." and ".com". oh and yeah it could be Internet Explorer "exclusive".

Anyway one I use a whole lot is windows button + e (mentioned in the article)... it opens up windows explorer.

BloodySinner3887d ago

Press Alt+F4 after reading this comment. =)

Tsalagi3887d ago

You have to erase the system 32 folder now for that and many other shortcuts to work.

wAtdaFck3887d ago

No, it still works (Vista Home Premium 32-bit). It exited the program xD

Frances-the-Mute3887d ago

i actually knew those such a dork

jvsantos3886d ago

I did too...
...I thought everyone did.

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The story is too old to be commented.