Splinter Cell 4 gets 90% review from UK Xbox Mag.

Does this really surprise anybody here. Splinter cell always lives up to its hype.

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beans6355d ago

Well that's a good score but lower than I was expecting for there review! They rated pandora at 9.3 and chaos at 9.4 so I guess the only reason for this is because 360 games are rated on a totally different review scale! For instance if this exact game were on regular Xbox it would of probably gotten a 9.5 but since it's on 360 the expectations are higher and im sure this game came nowhere near pushing 360 multi core architecture! This game will be brilliant but I think that part 5 will finally give Sam the justice he deserves!

BURLY6355d ago

Since Chaos Theory, ...they changed their review system such that; they only score in intervals of .5 (i.e. 5%), or 1's (i.e. 10%) - I can't remember which one?

Any ways, they are usually harder on a game's score now (rounding down, rather than up) and it is probable that they may very well have scored in the same ball-park as Pandora / Chaos - using the old scoring system.

I do agree with you though, about the possibility of them forming a "tempered" score based on Ubi's persistant talk about: 1) how Splinter Cell 5 will blow everything else away; 2) how it can essentially only be done on the 360 hardware: 3) and how it is already in development, 4) ETC, ETC.

PS360PCROCKS6355d ago

Um this is a preview, who scores a preview?

Marriot VP6355d ago

if this was a preview it wouldn't of showed up on the website.

So games previewed and their scores don't matter, only the reviewed scores show up at the top.

Evoluti0n6355d ago

this is the OXM of the UK, not the US. 2) ALL the games reviewed by this magazine are ALOT more strict then OXM of the US. 3) I know this because I've purchased a few issues (they sell this mag at Barnes and Noble) and they've rated LOTS of games that got 8's, from US OXM, as 6's or 5's...So, a 9, from this mag, is basically an almost perfect game (9.5-9.8).

THAMMER16355d ago

Isn’t bad at all. I bet people who know how to play will love this game. It looks great I’m sure the controls are well put together like most Ubi games. So as gamers we do not have much to worry about.

6354d ago

The Best Pirate-Themed Video Games (Not Skull and Bones)

BY JASON MONROE: The very best pirate-themed video games that you should play instead of the disappointment that is Skull and Bones.

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thorstein11h ago

PoE: Deadfire, Unless you have a or PS5 or an SSD don't bother, loading times are insane. A minute and a half to go into a room to investigate a desk in an inn and then an additional 1 1/2 minutes to leave the room and then load to leave the inn???

And they never fixed it.


Definitely don’t start your Final Fantasy VII experience with Rebirth

Start at the beginning.

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Inverno1d 1h ago

Well that's how it should be, but too many now buy sequels rather than starting at the beginning. That's why more sequels now have no mention of the previous game.

SDuck1d ago

I already used to do that back in the day. Bought both God of War 2 and FFXIII-2 without knowing anything about their prequels

jeromeface7h ago

typically if theres a 2 or a -2... there's source material...

jeromeface1d ago

Too many people need to be told this anymore... it really blows my mind.

GoodGuy0923h ago

Square didn't name it Remake 2 to maximize sales anyways lol

jznrpg23h ago

Yes play the first game it’s really good

SegaSaturn66922h ago

The first game was so bad i couldn't finish it. Endless fetching, nonsense additions, etc. Cool visualization of Midgar, but it's all filler.

Snookies1221h ago

"Endless fetching" - Don't do the side quests then, they do kind of suck.
"nonsense additions" - Most of the additions are actually very welcome to some parts that NEEDED fleshing out.
"it's all filler" - That isn't even the least bit true...

There were some lacking moments in Remake, and some odd choices at times I'll give you that. Trying to say the game was "bad" though is very far off the mark. It's a fantastic game.

RonnySins19h ago

Bad my a**. As for the fetching quests, don't do them. Simple.

NukeDaHippies19h ago

absolutely true. i coulda still accepted the less desirable stuff if the story didn't shit the bed in the last hour

Dompoesmod6h ago

Just finished my second playthrough of ff7 remake. One of the best games I've ever played. A bit slow at times, but it's exceptional.

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Rebel_Scum22h ago

Yeah hard disagree on this. If you skip remake you wont miss out on anything. The story truly kicks off when you leave Midgar.

Snookies1221h ago

The heck do you mean? You will miss out on EVERYTHING if you skipped Remake, lol. Who the hell goes into a story driven series without playing the first part of it? There's absolutely no point in jumping on mid-way through something like that. You'd have no context for any characters or their relationships, nor their goals or plot of the series as a whole.

Rebel_Scum19h ago

Just watch the story catch up video in Rebirth. Remake just wasnt a good game.

To anyone new to FFVII I’d suggest the play the original then rebirth.

Dompoesmod6h ago

Remake was an excellent game. Got me through lockdown as well so I have fond memories. Just finished my second playthrough before digesting rebirth. Ff7 remake must be played first .

jeromeface7h ago

hard disagree, midgar sets the plate for the rest of the the story

Rebel_Scum6h ago

Nothing that the “story so far” video in Rebirth can’t fix.