5 Things "Wii Pay & Play" Needs to Succeed

While details regarding Nintendo's new "Pay & Play" service remain vague at best, almost all gamers agree that the Wii's current online service is not worth a nickel. The announcement at GDC '08 has generated a lot of speculation and negative reaction among Wii owners. It is possible that the service could still be a success. Here are 5 things the Wii's online service needs to succeed.

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ChickeyCantor3887d ago

there isn't much info released about future plans on what wii pay and play exactly will be......and there are already 5 things to make it a success...bravo.....i guess some people have the brain to do that.

donalbane3887d ago

It reads like a wish list of desired features. That's how I took it, anyway.

ChickeyCantor3887d ago

" 5 Things “Wii Pay & Play” Needs to Succeed "

more like " i know it all " then a wish list....but what ever boils your goat

donalbane3887d ago

I think sidar is taking issue with the title more than anything. The article itself is actually pretty funny and sincere.

killtheaquitted3887d ago

but i am glad i have the brain to do whatever it is i do

Mr Blings3886d ago

these are def. things nintendo needs to do though in some form or fashion. I really hope nintendo has it priced right. The only games I see people paying to play antime soon is brawl and mario kart. I think nintendo fanatics will pay whatever to play online atleast at first release with these titles, everyone else might be a different story.

midgard2293886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

pay for wii online??? wii online is almost asbad as dreamcast/ps2's online and yet they wanna charge for it????

least live has.....well live isnt bad besides paying and has free clips, and ps3 online plays fine, smooth and is free. so wii, sorry ur out.
besides whats their online service gonna have??? demo's for more of the ports coming out??? like resident evil zero? baroque, and okami? pfft

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