OXM360 previews Clive Barker's Jericho

Jericho scores a perfect ten in the the scare-o-meter. Clive Barker after all has perfected the craft of scaring people out of their wits. His impressive includes movies like Hellraiser, Candyman, Nightbreed, Lord of Illusions and Gods and Monsters.

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beans5903d ago (Edited 5903d ago )

I would sure like to read more on this game and see some clips! Didn't Barker make the movie In The Mouth of Madness which to me looks like the true envision of Alan Wake? If u guys have time go and check out that movie and look at just how similar that movie and Wake are including the story! Check out this clip if you don't belive me

power of Green 5903d ago

What's this tittle about? it's about the only game i no nothing about nadda nothing.