Insomiac Games making an iOS game? Hiring Programmers

Insomniac Games have posted a job listing where they are hiring for some iOS programmers.

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Godchild10202109d ago

This is what they have come to... Their first multiple platform title hasn't release yet and now they are developing IOS titles, I guess I might have to pick up an Ipod touch.

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2109d ago

Next gen AAA phone title.

64 players + and deep story!
Probably not though..

morkendo232109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

while you at it INSOMNIAC try making a full fledge RATCHET AND CLANK GAME WILL YA!!!

"ALL 4 ONE" sucked, "FULL FRONTAL ASSAULT" sucked. try making something close to "UP YOUR ARSENAL" "GOING COMMANDO"

dont be like EA with N4S one crapfest after another.criterion games made it worst combining Burnout engine to it and auto fu'king log...

DOMination-2109d ago

Im watching my gf play most wanted right now and I've been sat there thinking how the he'll the game got such good reviews. Its a technical mess, the world feels lifeless, there's absolutely no narrative or personality that the original had in regards to the 15 drivers.. Even the soundtrack is terrible and criterion are usually good at that. And seriously.. Rubber banding needs to die already. At least at that level when its so obvious.

Glad to see Im not the only one

hotrider122109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

Agree, criterion games is a technical mess, it feel like burnout through an through. you would think at least a list to climb as the original MOSTWANTED had. the game by far sucks as morkendo above said it is craptastical.
what was EA thinking adding auto-log to the format???

Skate-AK2109d ago

Maybe it's a companion app for Fuse.

-MD-2109d ago

I would be hesitant to dump more time and money into an app for a game that's sure to bomb.

landog2109d ago

i havent really LOVED a game by them since ps2

i like ratchet future tools, it was pretty good, nothing compared to going commando or up your arsenal, resistance was mehhh.....part 1 and 2 were pretty good, 3 was a 7/10 at best for me

i wish they would go back to the going commando formula for r and c and i think resistance has potential as a franchise,

i think they will do some cool things next gen, they just haven't wowed me this gen at all

juandren2109d ago

And here I was, thinking I'm the only one who didn't like Resistance. I see it as the "bottom of the barrel" of PS3 exclusives

Knushwood Butt2109d ago

I loved FoM and R2 myself.

R3? Not so much.

abzdine2109d ago

end of glory for this ex-great developer

CommonSenseGamer2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

If there games had sold and I mean really sold, on PS3 I dare say they would have remained exclusive. However, the Resistance franchise was solid but definitely not AAA. Basically Kill zone set a standard on PS3 that no other FPS ON Sony's console came close to.

Unlimax2109d ago

After reading the main title for this report .. This is what happen to me

Activi$ion .. Give them back Spyro Before they start doing something much stupid than this .

KMCROC542109d ago

That be cool if Activision got them to make a multi platform spyro or crash seeing how Act. Owns the IPs.
would definitely buy those games.

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