Hi-res MGS4 Boxart

Kotaku Writes:

"Konami recently revealed the official Japanese box art for Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots to overseas publications, but we've only seen it in standard scanned-in, postage stamp-sized form. That's really annoying as Westerners, because we should have the option of super-sizing everything.

Thanks to reader Joe, we have a fantastic mock up of what Japanese gamers will be getting when the game ships in June, one based on authentic MGS4 assets. It's perfect for printing out and staring at for hours on end while life passes you by."

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pwnmaster30003890d ago

is kinda funny that wen i go to youtube and look at metal gear and look at the comments some people still think is still going to the 360

destroyah3890d ago

It's pretty sad and funny at the same time.

C_SoL3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

I like these boxarts better....

EDIT: wtf. why is it not working. well just look at my avatar.

gambare3890d ago

Is the saddest thing I could ever imagine, they just can't accept it because there are no true exclusive killer aps coming to the 360 this season that can compete with the PS3 aps

sonarus3890d ago

lol oh well best of luck to them. I do somehow want mgs4 to find its way on 360. Its just a great game that i believe every gamer should have the opportunity to experience. Unfortunately its not confirmed and at this point its actually quite unlikely and the port will probably be shoddy at best considering the game was built ground up on ps3 hardware using extensive use of blu ray. Sure multi discs will come in handy but i am sure there will be other issues as well. True gamers who can afford to buy a ps3 mgs4 is the absolute perfect time to get one as there are so many high quality exclusives coming out for ps3 from little ones like tekken 6, haze and agency up to big titles like mgs4, GT5, LBP, KZ2, RE2. I am rooting for sony to drop the price of the ps3 for you guys.

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destroyah3890d ago

Anyway, so this is the box art for Japan?

PMR_213890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )


games4fun3890d ago

that you say that with your avatar

niall773890d ago

... longest 3 months ever coming.

oh well, GTA4 should kill some time

sonarus3890d ago

GTA4 aint gon do sh!t for me:(. My level of anticipation for GT4 is quite low to be honest. Sure its a game every gamer should own because its fun but i still won't enjoy it as much as half the games i plan to buy this yr.

MikeGdaGod3890d ago

yeah for some reason, maybe all of the other games i'm looking forward to, but i'm not too excited about GTA4. maybe because i know its not the game R* wanted to make.

i'll get GTA4, but MGS4 is mosted wanted game of the year for me.

cmrbe3890d ago

please make a PS3 theme with this please.

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