Wii: 5 must-have launch games

The five Wii launch games that everyone needs to own. Start saving those pennies...

With the launch of the Wii just two months away, hype for the innovative new console is reaching critical levels. Every gamer in their right mind should be putting down some serious cash, ready for the launch - unless, like us, you plan on blowing your November wage on it, then doing without food for a month. Who needs food when there are so many games to buy? But if you can't afford them all, here are the five that you simply must buy...

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The Milkman5902d ago

But Im just a little worried right now. Will I realy want to interact with the games like that everyday once its in my? I mean every now and then I get an urge to want to play interactive games but maybe hours of play because could give your arm a tire which I have experienced from Totem Poll in Xbox LIVE arcade. I dont maybe it will be a little more relaxing than I think.