Dead Space 3 Will Cost You $110.88: DLC Robbery At Its Finest

Game & Guide: "Dead Space 3 is turning out to be a disappointment, one that will be felt within the walls of EA for a long time to come. Here's the low down - Dead Space 3 will have 11 pieces of DLC content available for it on Day One, which is far from ordinary."

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Majin-vegeta2135d ago

I'm usually against piracy but in this case it's justified.They wanna rip us off?Then we should rip them off as well.

aCasualGamer2135d ago

I don't like the misleading title.

It should say "Dead Space 3 with all the DLC will cost you $110.88"

The game itself.. Dead Space 3 will cost you $59.99.

Ron_Danger2135d ago

Why? It's just guns and armor for people new to the series. It's not extra content so why would you pirate the game?

Cosmit2135d ago

OK. Did anyone here even read the article? You guys are retarded. Your not paying for anything that adds to the story or will make you miss out on anything. It's to get a head start. For new players. None of this is required to play the story. None of those adds to the story. None of this stuff required to enjoy the game. You don't need to drop another 50-60 dollars to enjoy the full game. NO. It's all optional for peole have little time to play or new players who find the game hard to play.

W the hell are they ripping you off again Majin??

LF912135d ago

I agree it is wrong having all that dlc on day one and it is a rip off, but you don't have to buy the dlc. It's items you unlock from playing the game and can find them in game, it's there for people who don't want to grind through and try and find the items. It makes no difference or not if you get it, because you will get the items if you play through dead space

FunAndGun2135d ago

Keep that stuff on iOS games!

You are right, it is optional. But you can't deny that it is getting worse with each passing game release. Pretty soon the line between optional and the value of a finished product will blur. At that point it will be too late and people will wonder how gaming got to this point.

Look at how much things changed with the nickel and diming just within this generation. The tactics to squeeze as much out of the consumer as possible WILL get more brazen in the future if we let it slide today.

joab7772135d ago

I read that its stuff u get in game . If it is i am fine with it. I just hate when its stuff they coulda put in game as a reward and instead make u pay for it. If they wanna make money off ppl ghey dont wanna put the time in, then i dont care. Make money and make more games.

Knight_Crawler2135d ago (Edited 2135d ago )

LMFAO! So you are basically paying $60 for a game with half the content and have to pay more money to play the other half of the content.

If this is how next gen is going to operate then screw it I am done with gaming.

Thank god I got to experience gaming in the 90's and early 2000's because what publishers are doing now is straight up robbery.

Edit: I never thought I see the day where people accepted that is it ok to pay full price for a game with only half the content.

What next...Pay $60 for a game but you have to pay extra for voice acting, sound effects, character armor, vehicles, CGI...

Mutant-Spud2135d ago (Edited 2135d ago )

Ah c'mon, don't be like that, EA don't represent the gaming sub culture any more than Warner Bros represent the film appreciation scene. Gaming is one of the cheapest hobbies around if you approach it in a thrifty way, some people just have to have the latest and the best of everything as status symbols, those are the people this type of marketing targets. I'll get Dead Space 3 second hand for $20 in six months and as with most pre owned games I buy the codes included for the online pass and whatnot will still be valid. I bought the Sleeping Dogs and Shift 2 special editions second hand last week and they both still had valid codes for the preorder bonuses, I can't think of a S/H game I've bought where this hasn't been the case.

Qrphe2135d ago

Buying anything from EA at this age and not expecting to be ripped off in some way or another

Son_Lee2135d ago

If you buy this, you are a complete tool and represent almost everything wrong with the industry. As consumers, we have all the power - speak loudly by not purchasing it and NOT letting 5 millions sales be reached.

nugnugs2135d ago

For every one you reach with this message, another ten will be oblivious or not listen to reason. I respect you and your views sir, yet I feel it is futile.

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