What Could Make PlayStation All-Stars Great

Released last year to a mixed set of reviews, we take a look at PlayStation All Stars and give our opinion on what needs to be added to the game. As it stands the game does the combat very well, but it needs more. It feels like a half finished game and needs more love. It needs to carve out its own identity and banish the “Brawl” clone persona.

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pr0t0typeknuckles2111d ago

a better story
more characters that make sense,big daddy and "Dante " arent playstation characters, even though big daddy is cool he started on the 360.
more characters like:
lara croft

jujubee882111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )

Dante and Big Daddy are two of the more iconic, noticeable characters in All-Stars roster. Just the other day, two of my friends saw me playing the game on VITA and noticed Raiden, Big Daddy, and Dante.

If anything, All-Stars DLC should add at least one more big third party iconic name from the current gen. (Not sure who that would be though)

pr0t0typeknuckles2110d ago (Edited 2110d ago )

dude you dont understand the point the game is PLAYSTATION ALL-STARS, it should have characters that have contributed a lot to playstation, big daddy started on 360 and hardly has anything for playstation except for a few timed exclusive dlc,and Dante isnt the real dante, hes the multiplatform dante,i can think of 10 characters better deserving of the spot than those 2.

jujubee882110d ago

I already knew about the historical background and how you felt about it.

I was just saying that more people got into the game because the characters you hate.

Surely, you can see the worth in that.

pr0t0typeknuckles2110d ago (Edited 2110d ago )

i can see worth in it,but when did i say i hate the characters besides “dante“, the bottom line of what i was getting at is that characters with a much bigger influence on the playstation brand should have ben in over raiden, big daddy, & „dante„ and i lke raiden but come on cloud strife,lara croft,jennifer tate are a few example of characters that should been in ovr these guys.

Thatguy-3102110d ago

Yea it could have been better but let's don't forget that this is the first game in the series. In my opinion it hit the nail on the most important part which was game play. Hopefully in the next game they stick with the game play and just improve on the story element of the game. Character wise the roster could have been a little better but I honestly I think the next installment will literally s*it on this game for the fact being that perfection takes its time.

TheLastGuardian2110d ago

It already is a great game. It's SO. MUCH. FUN. Addicting too. I'm not even that big of a fighting game fan, but I'm having a blast with PS All-Stars.


Yeah, Bioshock 1 came to 360 and PC first, but let's not forget that PS3 got exclusive challenge rooms DLC, Bioshock Infinite is getting exclusive Move and 3D support as well as the original Bioshock on the disc. Plus LittleBigPlanet PS Vita had big daddy and little sister costumes as pre-order bonuses and PS Vita is getting an exclusive Bioshock game. Big daddy's appearance in All-Stars is just one more reason why Bioshock is more of a PlayStation franchise.

Hicken2110d ago

The game isn't called "Playstation Characters Battle Royale," is it?

Ironically, you say "big daddy and "Dante " arent playstation characters," and then create a LIST of characters who don't belong to Sony.

If you meant that they aren't really synonymous with Sony, then you're only right about Big Daddy, as Devil May Cry got its start on the PS2; arguably the two best games in the franchise were Sony exclusive(until the HD remakes, anyway).

In any case, the game is about the All Star characters that have appeared on Playstation hardware. So both characters fit.

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r212110d ago

Mixed reviews? I assume that would mean it had both good and bad reviews but from what i've checked, there have been only positive ones. Although, not all were greatly positive ones, unless thats what the author thinks of 'mixed' reviews.

Killzoner992110d ago

I'm sick of people bashing this game. Anyone who plays it loves it so I don't understand why people think it needs to be improved. It's trolling. Read the reviews the media is gushing over this game. Articles like this hurt sales which really makes me angry to be honest. If you don't like this game you are NOT a true Playstation fan so GTFO.

Nexgensensation2110d ago

superbot needs to scrap the idea. Although if they're "ganna" be like super smash bros. they need to go all the way and then some.

black9112110d ago

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