The IGN PlayStation Team Ten: MGS4 Wishlist

What IGN want to see come Q2:

10) Love connection: Snake and Meryl
9) Playtime as Raiden
8) Vamp dies a billion times
7) Scope
6) An insane new mechanic
5) A cardboard box vehicle
4) Liquid v. Revolver
3) The Patriots
2) Death
1) Answers

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PirateThom3887d ago

"9) Playtime as Raiden"

No... good God, no.

destroyah3887d ago

Hey, Raiden is pretty badass now. I wouldn't mind.

niall773887d ago

.. once he keeps his mouth shut and we can just jump around cutting the weird Moo'ing metal gears

socomnick3887d ago

I didn't find raiden that annoying in mgs 2 I was a bit bothered by having him run naked though. Overall though raiden is a pretty cool character they just need to toughen him up a bit and make him more masculine.

games4fun3887d ago

gray fox he is still alive...

after you beat the game you can just use him to destroy everyone

DemiseofPandas3887d ago

I really don't think Raiden was that bad at all. It's not like anyone on these forums would be more masculine thrown into the situations he was in. If a game is going to have a different character he might as well be ummm... different. I think he is just a great example of Kojima's versatility, and true story telling genius. I mean things could have been worse, you could have never been allowed to play as Snake at all.

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The story is too old to be commented.