Ice Silver PS Vita announced for Hong Kong

Ice Silver PS Vita

Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong have announced the Ice Silver colour for the PS Vita. The colour is only available for Wi-Fi models of the PS Vita and will be available on February 28 for HKD$2,280 (USD$294)

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jony_dols2087d ago

Gonna b n transit thru HK in March & still haven't picked up a Vita yet. Looks like I'm gettin an Ice Silver!

Capta2087d ago

Does anyone know where to get this that isn't Their prices are ridiculous (but service is excellent!).

r212087d ago

Must admit, that looks pretty. You could say, it looks cool.

MasterCornholio2087d ago

Once my current Vita gets pretty banged up i will have to pick up the Silver one when it comes out here (if it ever happens)