Microsoft email confirms plan to cease XNA support

Computerandvideogames writes:

"An internal Microsoft email has revealed the full extent of the company's plan to phase out XNA; its development framework that had become popular among numerous indie developers."

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deadfrag2111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )

LAME!I HOPE Nintendo and Sony in some way try to help this new developers and be supportive on new ips from indie devs, they need.M$ only thinks in themselfs and the cash they can rip,i hope they sunk next generation;competiton beteween brands is good for consumers but i really cant stand this methods that some companys use to hurt an in development market.If M$ goes out of gaming market for good i wont miss them in anyway,i will miss one or two of the Ips they own but ...i hope they go for good from the gaming market.

animegamingnerd2111d ago

well a lot of indies developers have been saying great things about the wii u eshop mainly the trine 2 developer such as being able to price the games what ever they want or put it on a discount for as long as they want and of course it being free to patch games

lastofgen2111d ago

however you see it, competition is good for any industry. And in an industry such as gaming, having only 3 major console makers, wishing any out "for good" won't spell good for consumers in general.

deadfrag2111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )

Im stating my view and opinian and thats just it.I have supported M$ consoles for the two previous generations just like i support Sony and Nintendo and gaming in general and lately i think M$ have change for the worst and i will not miss them if they go under,people talked shit about Bill gates but Microsoft was a better and more friendly company when he was in charge,more humanitary and supportive in every ways!But not now!

aviator1892111d ago

has this been officially confirmed yet?

Mocat2111d ago

No like most articles on N4G is just BS trying to get hits.
So we should believe that an official Microsoft employe leaked this man gtfo

WeAreLegion2111d ago

I'm waiting for Microsoft to say so. Honestly, I imagine that even if they do phase this out, they'll have something else to take its place. Microsoft, Sony, and Valve have worked closely with indie devs this generation and it's nice to see Nintendo opening up to them with the Wii U. I can't imagine any of them would backtrack and lose that support.

animegamingnerd2111d ago

yeah if sony and M$ doesn't not give enough support to indies i can imagine the wii u will be a must have system if you into indie games

Anon19742111d ago

No one ever needed XNA. There were plenty of other game development platforms out that you could use to developer your indie titles for the 360. Unity, UDK, hell, you could just code the entire thing in C# using .net libraries and the Direct X toolset if you wanted to. XNA was simply a toolset that developers could use to make anything from 360 to Xbox to PC games, but it was never the only means by which games could be released on the 360.

I'm sure they'll replace it with another toolset, but if not it's not as if XNA was the only option.

matrixman922111d ago

I used this to play custom rock band songs, it was pretty fun...shame this might be going away

jetlian2111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )

lol Most people are confusing XNA devs with devs like mark of the ninja. This is for all those 1 dollar games or games up to 4 dollars.

XNA only cost like 100 bucks to get a game on the indie tab and theres a lot of crap on it.

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