TGS06: Blue Dragon direct feed trailer

The official Blue Dragon page has been put online a few hours ago, with nothing really new to see unfortunately. But since a 720p version of the TGS trailer was available there, I've decided to put it here as the one I captured from the Marketplace wasn't perfect.

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One5904d ago

game developers should start using multi disc again for a game if theres not enough space on one i dont see what the prob would be to do that

ChickeyCantor5904d ago

indeed as long there is a story line thats going from disc 1 to disc 4 or something and not random then there should be no problem

no_more_heroes5903d ago

Suppose something hapens and you lose one of the discs, whether by carelessness or by other means? You would not be able to complete the game, whether backtracking or moving the story forward. Having it all on one disc is more convenient.

ChickeyCantor5902d ago

dude if you have 1 disc and you break it/lose you aint able to complete your game.......
bassicley its the same