The Playeressence Vidcast Episode 19 ‘Aww man the Wii U isn’t next gen’

Furious Francis and Hero the Impaler discuss the weeks hottest gaming news. Nintendo’s slashed forecasts, EA bold Wii U statements, and shooters. Trust me you don’t want to miss this one.

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2083d ago
metroid322083d ago

WiiU is NEXTGEN we have way too much concrete proof now i'm not even bothered about these articles.

Theyellowflash302083d ago

Guys, calm down. Watch the Vidcast. Were making fun of EA. Both of us think the Wii U is next gen. The title is sarcastic.

subtenko2083d ago

The WiiU competitors will make WiiU look like this gen (ps3,xbox360) that is why everyone is saying wiiu is not nextgen in comparison. It's because Nintendo didnt want to bother being on par again just like the Wii.

At least have the console specs be a little closer in technological performance rather than so far apart. Otherwise the Ouya is nextgen and the best thing out there.

metroid322082d ago

Going off Xenoblade wiiu and knowing it won't be their best looking game i think WiiU will be fine next to ps4 ect.

In fact Jonn Carmack said ps4/720 will just be able to do their current best games at 1080p 60 fps with better textures and sightly improved gameplay nothing revolutionary as far as he's concerned and then we hear Gearbox is developing an UE4 fps for all three but the ps4 devkit had a meltdown and there waiting on a new one where as the WiiU devkits has zero problems ?? wiiu is next gen.

subtenko2082d ago

There is no reason for them to come out with nextgen systems just for anything "slightly better" the only reason to buy is if the companys stop supporting the current system for new games on the next system by force (What Microsoft does)

So if this is really the case them I'm only going to buy the ps4 knowing that Sony cares the most it seems about it's fans. So at least there's that and a steady income of great games. At the most I hope the multitasking abilities and processing power allows for more things to go on without slowdown. So ie. LBP level meter overload wouldnt happen like it used to.

BullyMangler2083d ago (Edited 2083d ago )

aww mann . the wiiU isn't next gen ..

ha haaa . but neither is the Gamecube, and the gamecube gots something called Resident Evil 1 remake, and that shihh looks ps3 . so ha!!
weather its the backdrops which by the way are ALIVE, or weather its the modeLs, that game is the most astonishing looking videogame to grace the earth . .any naysayers? . come .. let the schooling begin .

p.s. . if the wiiU isn't next gen, then Nintendo's about to show this generation, how to use this much power properly . .

p.s. at this years E3, Nintendo is gonna damage your souL ...

Theyellowflash302083d ago

The title is sarcastic..... Watch the Vidcast. We both think its a next gen console....

deafdani2083d ago (Edited 2083d ago )

I can't believe how you use the same Resi 1 comparison on pretty much every single damn comment you make. Resi 1 isn't proof of anything, dude. That game looked great due to a rather clever trick Capcom did with the art direction, using prerendered assets for all the backgrounds. That's why the game plays the way it does, all static, instead of having live movement in the scenarios. They weren't actual 3D.

So, the great graphics had absolutely nothing to do with power whatsoever, but art direction and "cheating".

And Nintendo didn't make that game. Capcom did.

You make us Nintendo fans look bad. You're just as bad as mindless Nintendo haters.

BullyMangler2083d ago

awww .reLax dude . .the ps2 cant even hanDle that Resi game ):

cheating? . ha haaa . it is called being creative . this aint no math test dude . go back and play that game . what isn't back dropped actually looks ps3 . . don't make me buy you a gamecube with that game included . ..

deafdani2083d ago (Edited 2083d ago )

"It's called being creative"

EXACTLY what I said. Clever art direction. Not a matter of power. You just agreed with my point, and contradicted yourself.

I don't know if the PS2 could've pulled that game off or not... but the Gamecube was actually a stronger machine than the PS2, so that point is absolutely moot.

Have a good day.

megamanX22083d ago

how can it be next gen when its already here? it's current gen idiots.

exfatal2083d ago

so if ps4 or nextbox came out first would it be this gen as well? just be quiet if u dont have anything intelligent to add.

deafdani2083d ago (Edited 2083d ago )

He's actually right. Wii U is current gen now, making Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii last gen. When the PS4 and next Xbox are released, that will just mean we will be fully into current gen, that's all.

These are just semantics. Being "last gen" doesn't make a console irrelevant, or obsolete. The PS3 and 360 will still get support for some time after their sucessors have come out, especially the PS3 if history is any indication.

To answer you question: yes. If the PS4 or next Xbox came out first, they would be current gen. No difference whatsoever with the Wii U scenario.

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