Gamezone: Lost Odyssey Review

Lost Odyssey is as old-school as Mistwalker's previous Xbox 360 effort, albeit a lot more difficult and requires a lot more level grinding. Plus, the pacing issues will undoubtedly frustrate gamers wanting to keep the game moving. Still, there is a lot to love in Lost Odyssey, thanks to the top-rate production values and story.

Gameplay - 8.0
Graphics - 8.5
Sound - 9.0
Difficulty - Hard
Concept - 8.5
Overall -

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tplarkin73885d ago

Many reviews, including this one, say that there are frame rate issues. They are all wrong.

The issue is that the game loads in real time off of the DVD. Once the loading is complete, the frame rate recovers.

What's the difference? It is that the game runs smoothly, except during minor loading.

3885d ago