Stop The “Doom and Gloom” Wii U Articles

Myvideogamenews write " I have noticed a trend on numerous websites stating that the Wii U is in need of saving and that Nintendo needs to act fast. Over and over again, I have read countless articles stating that Nintendo is pretty much dead in the water and that they need to react soon. Well my friends, I am here to say; stop The “Doom and Gloom” Wii U articles and watch 2013 unfold before we all jump to conclusions".

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thorstein2083d ago

I think it would have better to write: "Stop all the Doom and Gloom Articles"

Lately they are just getting stupid.

morganfell2083d ago

I was on their site and can't find them taking issue with Sony Doom and Gloom articles. Hmmm....

Sorry but what is good for the goose...

Enigma_20992083d ago

What do you mean, lately? They've ALWAYS been stupid.

But notice which console's always spared from dealing with them? The 360.

...makes you wonder who's writing the articles, don't it?

hotrider122083d ago


as thorstein said: it is getting stupid now.

thorstein2082d ago

@Enigma: I meant the plethora of d&g articles is getting stupid. The articles themselves were always stupid.

pixelsword2082d ago

Sony and Sony fans had to take their lumps, so now it's Nintendo's turn.

Welcome to the top.

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subtenko2083d ago

The WiiU is looking more like the Gamecube scenario. For that reason alone, personally, I'm not gonna get a nintendo console this time around.

Curious as to why I'm not? I had a PS2 and a Gamecube and only played the gamecube a couple of times where as the PS2 got all of the attention. Not even a lot of Wii owners are flocking to the WiiU so that scares me. Have fun with it though whoever bought one. As long as YOU get your moneys worth. I'm just gonna go with PS4 and maybe the next xbox.

deSSy27242083d ago

Did you read the article? you obiviously dont..... hes basically saying Wii U sales are not bad and thats basically that. But i could agree with you... im skeptic, Wii U launch library was good but the problem is... most of the games are avaliable for both PS3 and Xbox 360, yeah, there are many new games but there are also old Xbox 360 ports. So, if we count every Wii U game its good but if we count PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of these same games than its bad for Wii U. Exclusive games could save the Wii U in future but at the same time, i think, Wii U will lost 70% 3rd party support.

pikey2082d ago

to be frank, i wasnt really all that curious as to why you aren't going to get a nintendo console this time around, but thanks anyway.

user39158002083d ago

????????? Doom and gloom for sure, what he failed to said was that WII-U has the inventory with production at top pick, they slow down production due to not selling the console as high as they expected, fact told by nintendo conference. XBOX 360 SOLD 425KAND SONY SOLD 900k, they could not sale more during the same period cause they did not have the production and therefore they could not sale when stocks were piled up on waiting list also fact. Lets said it the way it is now, wiiu has plenty on market available and not selling as expected, meaning doom its in store waiting to be piced up. Diferent is no ps3 or xbox 360 production to exceed the market, therefore no sales with high demand and the oposite with wiiu. I see it like it is now, not high demend for wiiu and therefore, wiiu availability everywhere, also facts.

pikey2082d ago

exactly!!!! 3 million sold means nothing against 900k and 425k when your a blind anti nintendo wierdo trying to spin BS for whatever wierd resons.

mcstorm2083d ago

I agree. But this dose not only apply to the games industry. If nothing sells as many as what is the market leader then the media are all over the doom and gloom articles. It was said about the ps3 and now the psv it was also said about the 3ds and look at it now. The same has been said about windows 8 and Microsofts surface it was even said about android when it 1st came out. To me alto of people who Wright the doom and gloom articles would not have a clue how to run a company.

The Wiiu is selling very well for the time its been out and as the article said has out sold what the 360 and ps3 sold in the Same time frame. I've said since the start the Wiiu will not sell out like the Wiiu as it is the 1st out of the blocks of the next gen consoles and the ps3 and 360 are still getting some big name games like cod halo ect and alto of people have one or the other so will get the game on this console rather than buying a new console for a game that is on there owned console,

Once Sony and Microsoft release there new consoles them people will start to jumps to the next gen consoles and we will see the Wiiu sell even better.

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2083d ago
PopRocks3592083d ago (Edited 2083d ago )

Yes. Thank you. While we're at it, stop any of the ones that are coming out for the Vita as well.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2083d ago



Vita is good Kit and given Sony's general long range schemes-

The Vita has years Vita only gaming ahead of it and of PS4 compatibility.

PopRocks3592083d ago

Jesus, I can't believe I received 7+ disagrees for that initial comment. This community freaking sucks.

But yeah, the Vita will do better given some time to expand the library. If the Vita can succeed (which I think it will) so can the Wii U. So the stupid doom articles need to stop. this cynical crystal ball BS is stupid, and it's annoying given how it's cluttering up the articles on this site.

bothebo2083d ago


Right on Pops! I think the Vita will pick up steam this year which will be awesome. I think the Wii U will pick up steam but it will be hard for it to shine out given all of the news we have gotten about the 720 and PS4 in the past couple of months

Ezz20132083d ago


much respect :)

axisofweevils2083d ago (Edited 2083d ago )

But there's a reason for the Vita doom - it's been out on the market over a year, and it's still a complete flop. CoD Vita turned out to be a stinker of a game with a MetaCritic of 31. Sony are too embarrassed to reveal sales numbers for the console.

If the Wii U was doing as badly as the Vita is in a year's time, I'd call it a flop too.

2083d ago
BlackWolf2083d ago

All doom and gloom articles should just disappear. We've got enough of those already.

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