Get 80,000 Gamerpoints For ...... HOW MUCH ?

The man at the top of the gamerscore leaderboards (if he can be classed as a man) Rance6 is officially selling his 80,868 points gamertag complete with HDD and practically every arcade title released.

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NJ1307RSX5906d ago

The number #1 TOP Xbox 360 Gamer is going to buy a PlayStation 3. Why doesn't that surprise me ;)

The Snake5906d ago (Edited 5906d ago )

Because it affirms your fanboy beliefs. Why else?

Optimus Prime5906d ago

because you simply want to believe that. you are a fan boy. this guy wants to play ps3. good for him. he will probably own the ps3 like he did the 360

calderra5906d ago

...because if I was such an ass that I'd spent the last 6 months playing Xbox360 twelve hours a day boosting my Gamescore only to sell my system, I'd probably be a Sony fan?

...because when you're about to acquire a cool $5,000 in cash, it's hard NOT to wanna spend it?

...because he intends to do the same thing with PS3's Entitlements?

uxo225906d ago

If you even took 5 seconds to think about it. They guy never said that he was selling his xbox360. He can buy another REMOVEABLE hard drive and XBOX live subscription for 150.00 total. That way he can buy a PS3 and have the best of both worlds.

Also, he may be making a personal challenge to see if he can start over and catch his old gamerscore. You wouldn't know nothing about that online play and gamertag/gamerscore though would you....I wonder why?

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TheMART5906d ago

Why would anyone wanna buy such a thing as points for 5.000 freaking dollars?

He's only selling his HDD with the gamertag. He probably keeps the 360 and buys back a HDD. And if he's good in gaming, I guess he should try it on the PS3 online system also to get that high and make some money out of it.

The only thing is that the PS3 online system will not be as good as the XBOX Live system, so that'll be a bummer for him. Too bad NJ isn't it. He'll be running off as fast as he can back to XBL again!

JPomper5906d ago

A fool and his money are soon parted.

joemutt5906d ago

Anybody want to buy them??

All unlocks on oblivion took me a while but I will sell it!!

Scrooge5905d ago

I'll give you $20 if you include your HDD. Take it or leave it, it's my final offer. hah!

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The story is too old to be commented.