Interview: Chris Stockman On Pirates Vs. Ninjas Dodgeball

Pirates think they're so tough, with their mad sword skills and sophisticated, not-too-cool-to-be-drunk attitude. Ninjas are just as bad, sneaking around like some kind of sneaky assassin. Their fans, however, are even crazier, waging fictitious wars against each other to determine which one is superior. In Pirates Vs. Ninjas Dodgeball, players can finally take out their wooden leg-wearing, ninja star-throwing anger on a plasma via Xbox Live Arcade.

"Our version of Dodgeball is not based on traditional rules," said Chris Stockman, Studio Director at Blazing Lizard, Inc. "Players have complete freedom to move around the court and attack one another with everyone having the same goal of trying to hit each other with the Dodgeball."

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BladedKnucklz3938d ago

ta BIFF someone in the head. I reall hope they get that DEEP "THUNK" sound right!!!

ichimaru3938d ago

game looks pretty sick. if its under 800, might be a buy