Videogamer: The Film, An Innovative Approach To Gaming

A duo of Atlanta filmmakers announced they’re began production of documentary “Videogamer: The Film”. The film project consists of them showcasing their interviews with various members of the gaming industry to capturing the excitement that goes on at annual events, inside of development studios, and media outlets!

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NSG2112d ago

The timing is pretty good, we can probably expect ps4 and xbox720 to be in it

karlowma2111d ago

Cool, I like to see productions like this. If anyone's interested and hasn't seen it yet, Indie Game: The Movie, is also very good (and on Netflix).


NSG2111d ago

Indie Game The Movie is amazing! I always say they showcased a side of the next generation of gaming, because indie dev is growing and growing. Truly a remarkable film.

I think the two should partner in some way