How Resistance: Fall of Man Makes Home Really, Really Cool

One of the first games expected to shine in one of Home's series of game portals is Insomniac's Resistance: Fall of Man. Resistance is said to provide Home visitors with an interesting room to explore, one that will let PlayStation 3 owners visit unseen areas of the game and tap into bonus content in the form of "intercepted" radio communications between European and U.S. forces.

These hidden transmissions will help to flesh out the Resistance story, giving players a better understanding of the game's conflict. Kotaku hear that Home avatars will have free roam of unpopulated levels, not unlike a virtual Resistance museum.

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CRIMS0N_W0LF3887d ago

having a Resistance museum would kinda rock.

Delt43887d ago

I agree just. Plus glad to see that when sony rises to the top they just dont stop at the top they keep rising above and BEYOND what they have to do to keep there fan base.

SIX3887d ago

Hell yeah! It would be cool if the room looked like it could be an actual playable stage. It would be cool if all games did that. It would be so trippy like walking into a holodeck or something.

SIX3887d ago

All of a sudden I can see how home would be a place I would want to visit and stay :)

Nathaniel_Drake3887d ago

Wouldn't it be funny if one of the tour guides is an actual chimera with an inviting voice

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ikiru33853887d ago

you hear that, Sony?

Guide me HOME please!

chitown3887d ago

sick i need this game ASAP

XiaoSet3887d ago

That's cool, being able to, if I read correctly, explore every level with no enemies. =D

fenderputty3887d ago

as well. Which is even cooler. I hope more companies take advantage of home as well as Insomniac seems to be doing. This is Insomniac though.

PSWe603887d ago

can't wait, Sony owns 2008 and it looks like 2009 will get a good start with HOME and Resistance 2

keep crying X-Boys

sak5003887d ago

No time to cry, for last 2 years we have been busy playing next gen games. You on the other hand are quality games starved people banking on kiddie platformer and 2nd life wanna be. Last year was supposed to be ps3 year, what happened? Your over hyped titles like lair and HS bombed along with poor sales of most games that finaly saw the daylight. Most other title got delayed to 2008/2009 so now this year is the rise of ps3??

wAtdaFck3887d ago

Your comment deserves to be in the Open zone, due to the big pile of lie that it is. The PS3 has had its own share of quality games in 2007. Each console does. The 360 had more (what would you expect with a +1 year advantage), but the PS3 had enough to justify its price (and ofcourse, your probably too poor to go future proof). Heavenly Sword was far from a failure. It delivered the movie-like immersion to PS3 fans better than what any of us expected (and again, you couldn't say otherwise've never played it.) Haze and MGS4 were the titles that got delayed into 2008, but we'd rather have a fine-tuned game than a rushed game. Those games joined the group of other blockbuster sellers in 2008 that we're all eagerly waiting for.

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The story is too old to be commented.