Techgage: Palit 8800GT Super+1GB Review

Techgage recommend most any 8800 GT due to the performance and price. However, there are many out there, and they all fluctuate heavily in price, so you need to be careful. In the case of Palit's Super+1GB model, the extra memory really puts a premium on the price, costing an extra $50 over their standard model. That is not a small premium considering Techgage saw no real benefit throughout all of their game testing. It goes without saying, a standard 8800 GT would suit you better.

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xsteinbachx3976d ago

so why give 5/5 when it states that a regular 512mb is just fine especially when you have to pay a premium for the extra 512.

bumnut3975d ago

im going to wait for dual core cards to come out (from nvidia)