Is Microsoft's Illumiroom the Future of Gaming?

IGN - Why augmented reality is the way of the future, regardless of IllumiRoom’s success.

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core_52137d ago (Edited 2137d ago )

is that just stolen from the BBC and Phillips Ambilight?

Septic2136d ago (Edited 2136d ago )

The Phillips Ambilight? That just emits a light that corresponds with the picture not fully fledged extension of the video.

There is a possible advantage in terms of field of vision in fps games but to be honest, I doubt it'll operate as anything more than a gimmick because there are so many variables to consider as far as individual home setups are concerned.

Other than that, I really do think augmented reality is the way forward. Once implemented correctly and wholly, it can only serve to make the gameplay experience more immersive.

ThatGuy22136d ago


StreetsofRage2137d ago

Absolutely it is. Unfortunately we're still in its infant stage and at least a decade away from actually playing in a virtual world. But we have to start somewhere.

Gamer19822136d ago

No its not I think you got the wrong idea of what it is. This is not virtual reality its a lighting effect in your room. It's a nice idea but does it add that much to your games? Not really purely because you are too invested on whats happening on the screen and not whats around you right now. Its a start I'll agree with that but this is nothing like virtual reality. Only thing I would like this for it movies. Imagine LOTR or something when they going through snowy mountains and it looks like its snowing in your living room? Very nice. But gaming? Not really...

Also this could increase price of 720 at launch which could be detrimental to its launch and also give gamers the wrong idea of where the consoles heading like Kinect has done.

Side point here though.. We still don't know if this is coming to consoles in any shape or form MS has not said so which makes me think its just like the Virtual reality tech Sony came up with last year. Just an idea or maybe part of Kinect 2? Which could come after 720 launch..

MikeMyers2136d ago (Edited 2136d ago )

There are too many hurdles to evolve gaming ideas into the mainstream. Look at the compromises the Wii U had to make in order for it to be affordable. If the Wii U had the latest technology it would be well over $350. As it is now Nintendo is losing money on it. So to fully experience this Illumiroom you will need next generation Kinect cameras and a projector. It is possible to create a next generation experience but at what cost? Even Sony tried to create a True HD game platform, the PS3. But that too was met with compromises as very few games actually had 1080p native resolution and very few games went beyond 30fps. It was also $500 for the cheap model back in 2006.

There are a lot of ideas that never come to fruition and it takes big marketing for it to happen. 3D was a big push a few years ago, now Sony doesn't even really talk about it much for games now do they? Great idea but met with harsh criticism in its application and there simply isn't enough demand. People don't want to wear the glasses, some people don't like the effect, it adds more cost to the consumer and so on.

Kinect worked for Microsoft because it had a huge marketing campaign. But even then the actual impact in gaming was very limited. People are going to be a lot more skeptical just like they are with the Wii U when it comes to real world gaming experiences. Unless the game experience is improved or creates a more immersive experience consumers will be very apprehensive in supporting it. Which leads to a huge problem and that is game support. So it's a catch-22, you need people to sell to but those people won't buy if nothing warrants the sale to begin with. That's when huge risks are involved and not many want to take too many risks anymore.

StrongMan2137d ago

Nope. That's what they said about Kinect and look how that turned out.

Hellsvacancy2136d ago (Edited 2136d ago )

Not that im sticking up for MS but Kinect turned out ok, for MS anyway, they made loads of money

From a gamers perspective its probably not so great, MS dont care about little things like that

clintagious6502136d ago (Edited 2136d ago )

Its exactly why i think MS has been lacking with new IP's for their core audience is because as mediocre as kinect games are to the hardcore base MS is gonna stick with whatever brings in the most cash. I bet they do the same thing with the Next Box they will draw the core in like they did with 360 & bring out a few new IP's to add along side Halo/Gears/Alan Wake/Forza & as soon as they know they have been a success they will cash in the rest of the way catering to the casuals like they are now and make money off them because the casual audience buy up most of the kinect stuff that come out now & they know The next halo/gears/forza & timed exclusive dlc for games like COD &other big 3rd party games will sell well. They honestly dont need a Huge Library of Exclusives to make money because MS is true success comes from xbox live & kinect & they have the money to advertise it so much that ppl buy into it. Thats what I see in my opinion.

Knight_Crawler2136d ago

@clitagious69 - You do realize that a companies number 1 priority is to make money at what ever cost right.

I know some of you people believe that your favorite company really loves and cares about you because they find joy on you defending them on the internet.

News flash companies only care about your money and do not give a flying [email protected] about you emotional attachment to them.

clintagious6502136d ago


Of course it is but with the lack of new IP's for the core base you would think MS wouldnt have a problem in that area especially with the way they spend so much money advertising kinect games. If u are telling me that your just fine with the few exclusive games MS has? Its no wonder MS doesnt give us core gamers any new IP's because of gamers like u who let MS have their way with gamers instead of making them listen to wat us gamers want from them. smh.

GribbleGrunger2136d ago (Edited 2136d ago )

The choice is a simple one: Do you cater for the fickle casuals or the hardcore devotees? Short-termism may look great on an investors spreadsheet but it's a risky and fragile investment. Films and books have convinced people that flying cars and androids that do the housework are the future because they wrap these ideas in a consistent and accommodating fantasy world -- Minority Report is no different. We evolved fingers and thumbs for a reason. Trying to ignore this will always leave people wanting.

MikeMyers2136d ago (Edited 2136d ago )

"The choice is a simple one: Do you cater for the fickle casuals or the hardcore devotees?"

Actually it isn't that simple. You can cater to both and be successful. The problem for Microsoft is they had to be very aggressive with Kinect in order for it to succeed and that led to ignoring the hardcore while coasting on existing ip's. So the hardcore crowd felt ignored and rightly so.

My hope is that going forward they can manage both. Games like Angry Birds draw mass attention and you can still have games that cater to both crowds. I imagine a game like Minecraft can appeal to every type of gamer which is why they wanted it on their system and it sold millions. Nintendo is also trying to bring a more balanced approach with the Wii U. Games like those with Mario and the Little Big Planet games can appeal to both crowds.

You (the companies, not you in particular) have to get rid of your baggage and simply move on. Nintendo has a lot of baggage and it will be hard to be seen again as a serious player for hardcore gamers but they can succeed.

I think it is a mistake to cater to only one crowd, whether it be the hardcore or the casual, in todays market.

GribbleGrunger2136d ago

Mike, that's what I'm getting at. They have to be really careful they don't create an audience that dictates more Kinect and Casual games. Nintendo made that mistake with the Wii and whilst it sold millions of consoles, it lost many third party games. Many developers are struggling at the moment and are likely to try to make quick money up front in the hope that they can stabilise their businesses for the future. Promote Kinect too heavily and those devs will flood the 720 with cheap tricks and shovelware. The balance is a difficult one. Keep it an option, not the main feature and all will be well.

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Baka-akaB2136d ago (Edited 2136d ago )

the problem isnt that they made money , but how utterly mediocre it has been for games thus far .

of course some could argue the same about 3d , but at least it was an option . Not of whole branch and offshoot of game funding that could have gone to better new or old ips

Illumiroom seems more interesting however , even if cautious about it

InMyOpinion2136d ago

Still, isn't there a larger game library for Kinect than the Move? So if you like Kinect games there's lots to choose from.

It's not for everyone but at least MS has been supportive of it.

Baka-akaB2136d ago (Edited 2136d ago )

Not really that varied when most of it , save rare good games like Dance central are mediocre casual stuff . And i'm not saying mediocre because they are casual , but mediocre because well just mediocre and poorly done (esecially 505 games ).

And kinect integration in "hardcore" games hasnt really led to much interesting either .

Move is as guilty of mediocre casual stuff , and wasnt even something that came to mind with my post above , but at least it remained a viable alternative control scheme for some games . "Better with kinect" has yet to happens and most wouldnt claims it's "better with move"

Illumiroom seems like something that could actually work with "normal hardcore games" (like move sometimes) , so now it can interest us cynical folks

claterz2136d ago

Well the concept of playing video games without the need of a controller is something we will be seeing a lot of in the future IMO. Kinect just isn't advanced enough to be used in most games and certainly couldn't replace a controller. it's a step in the right direction though.

I like the idea of augmented reality and bringing games into our living room. Anything that make games more immersible is a plus for me.

mcstorm2136d ago

I agree with what you have just said. If you look at what is going on with Kinect as a product you can see it is going to get better and better over time and revisions of the product just like anything in the tech world. I see Kinect being used in every game next gem for the next Xbox because it will be included from the start but it will be a more advanced version of the product. Kinect has been a massive success for Microsoft and the Xbox name as it has opened the door to the none core and if you look at some of the games like fable, Kinect sports, dance central ect they were not bad games just not games the hard core like.

As for Illumiroom I do see Microsoft using this technology at some point or selling the technology to tv companys to use.

I really like Microsoft as a company at the moment they get alto of stick esp on this site but 10 years ago it was a company stuck in the past but over they last few years they have really started to show what they can do when they put there mind to it. Yes some will never be made into a product but that's the same with everyone.

NukaCola2136d ago

I highly doubt it. It adds a bit of immersion and possibly a large case of seizures, but for the future, it's just some extra flashy lights and flair, nothing interactive. Also, this thing as in the video, had advertisements projected on the walls. Come on already. This looks like it's could be implemented with a Kinect 2.0, but I wouldn't invest stock in it as a game changer by any means.

bozebo2136d ago (Edited 2136d ago )

Actually, knowing MS it probably is worth investing in. They've probably gained patents whereby the way they are worded means whatever is done in the future that is remotely similar will net them royalties.

The whole thing is probably all just about securing patents because it looks pretty impractical as it stands now (not a valid consumer product, just a projector and a 2nd viewport in the game outputting to it), the technology business is sometimes more about securing patents than improving technology these days, especially where MS are concerned (they make more money for each Android phone sold than each Windows phone sold, though they think developers are going to care about their Windows app store which would net them some cash due to vendor locking their customers into it)

jetlian2136d ago

it could bypass the pc double and triple screen setups now you can get over 180 degree views in forza or any game.

So long as its clear not costly it could do well

KMCROC542136d ago

When can I buy it & how much.

KMCROC542136d ago

To all with the disagrees ,what is wrong with you funts.
can't stand to see someone want something you don't like. If you don't like it or see no use for it then don't buy. But stop being a bunch of funts.

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