Notch earned $101 million in 2012, Reveals What He Will do with it

Markus Persson, aka Notch, the creator of Minecraft, is a really happy man.

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ATi_Elite2088d ago

...........said he will buy a new hat!

Seriously though not bad for publishing your own game!

You DO NOT have to sign your life away to a big time Publisher now a days.

Smurf12088d ago

They're not really Indie anymore though.

Blackdeath_6632088d ago (Edited 2088d ago )

they developed the game without the financial support of a publisher. that makes them an independent developer or an indie dev/sutdio.

Trenta272088d ago

Just because they made a ton of money doesn't mean that they aren't indie.

RickHiggity2088d ago

Indie doesn't mean not having a lot of money. It means the developer made their game independently, without the help from a big name publisher.

adorie2088d ago

You're right, they're rich Indie devs now. :D

XB1_PS42088d ago

They sell their game from a little website, that's it. Only other distribution are from XBLA, and Android. Any indie dev can be on those platforms with a good enough game.

RememberThe3572087d ago

Valve puts out most if it's games, do we call them indie?

Kennytaur2087d ago

Valve is as indie as Ubisoft Montreal.

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Mounce2088d ago

You don't....or you put your game on Steam and NOT XBL first, Heh.

But I don't think Minecrafts success should be comparable as if other Indie games will go to such lengths of sales as Minecraft has. Minecraft sold a FUCKLOAD more than any other indie game, Ever. Without Steam participation too, most indie developers come to rely and like Steams' help for advertising their new title which helps boost their sales. Not all indie developers have the same success, not all of them have the options as Minecraft and Notch gave, it's not all positivism for indie developers if they're put in a corner.

That's why, hopefully along with Steam, PSN to a degree, and Kickstarter projects, more creative and inovative indie developers will be given their chances to show the world what they're capable of amongst the Big companies that overflow sequels on us. Like, I'm happy Amnesia sold greatly and they can produce more games because if it weren't for Steams help? Steam sales of the game too? Amnesia could've been the last horror title that Frictional Games would've made due to the lack of sales in the Penumbra series.

adorie2088d ago

Heyyy, I liked Penumbra, but I owe that experience to Amnesia, while searching for the next best horror game after Dead Space, I stumbled upon this diamond in the rough.
The mods and user generated content in general makes this game have high re-play value!

Aaroncls72088d ago

Mad props to this guy, he made it to the top with skill and talent.

Everyone is looking forward to what hes going for next.

dedicatedtogamers2088d ago

People should pay attention to what Notch did:

He created an "indie" game that didn't focus on artsy graphics, or an artsy storyline, or a "killer" soundtrack, or a bizarre mechanic.

He simply said "let people turn the game into whatever they want".

Games that allow the player - not necessarily the developer - to be creative are the sort of games that we need more of.

Skizelli2088d ago (Edited 2088d ago )

"Games that allow the player - not necessarily the developer - to be creative are the sort of games that we need more of. "

Totally agree. Exploration seems to have a hand in it as well, for me at least. It's for these reasons I pumped 172 hours into Terraria and anxiously await Starbound (Google it if you haven't heard of it). I chose Terraria over Minecraft only because I love the 2D retro look, but to each their own.

Gamer19822088d ago

I'm honestly shocked LEGO didn't try to sue him for Minecraft in the end. I'm aware its not exactly LEGO but in this day and age where everybody sues everybody for looking remotely similar.. I guess its because LEGO is not a US company..

On that point I'm shocked LEGO didn't come up with Minecraft years ago themselves..

Qrphe2088d ago

>LEGO even thinking of suing Minecraft

What did I just read...

Dark_Overlord2088d ago

Apart from the fact Minecraft doesn't use Lego bricks. Even if Lego wanted to, they couldn't do it due to the LEGO brick patent ending on the 15th September 2010. Why do you think companies like Megablocks and all the other cheap knock offs appeared overnight?

Swiftcricket2088d ago

Not only did they not sue them, but LEGO actually teamed up with them and made that Minecraft LEGO set.

Gamer19822087d ago

I agree with you guys but hell look at the apple lawsuits lately we seen. You only have to remotely look like a product or feel like it to get sued. the lego patent was to do with how the bricks connect if im not mistaken. The lawsuit would have obviously been about image rights. However LEGO I love them as instead of sueing they joined with Minecraft and made a set as you said. They are a shining light and companys like Apple and MS need to look at them and see how its really done.

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OhMyGandhi2088d ago (Edited 2088d ago )

While I agree with you on notch allowing the player to be entirely in control of the content of the game,
please don't use the word "artsy".

MikeMyers2088d ago (Edited 2088d ago )

Agreed, more games should cater to what gamers want. However there also needs to be a balance set in place that the developer can also makes games they want to make, without gamers thinking they can dictate how the game should be or overly controlling publishers.

Games that allow freedom for the gamer to personalize and be creative PLUS games that allow the developer the freedom to make any game they want = win win.

3-4-52088d ago

The gaming industry is full of Technically gifted people but also full of people who completely lack creativity whatsoever.

Heartnet2088d ago

u do realise the reason it sold well was because of a bizarre mechanic...

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360ICE2088d ago

Thank god. I thought he was going to spend it on a 1:1 model of the starship Enterprise.

SAE2088d ago

I like him even though i never played his game. he is gonna use the money on his family and poor people. that's the way to bless his money ..

SAE2088d ago

i need to change my name lol
i get disagrees for nothing...

karlowma2088d ago

You got disagrees for never playing Minecraft! Go get it! Lol.

I'll get disagrees too. We all do. We deal.

Lord_Sloth2088d ago (Edited 2088d ago )

Good. Start by giving me 2 of that before I end up on the streets. Economy's Bull, dude. XXXD

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