Katzenberg: Videogame sales are hurting DVDs

We've all heard theories that the rapid growth of videogames is impacting consumption of other media, particularly movies and TV. There's little in the way of causal data, of course, only assumptions.

Turns out DreamWorks Animation CEO and Hollywood veteran Jeffey Katzenberg (co-founder of DreamWorks SKG, former head of Walt Disney Studios) agrees. On a conference call with analysts today, he blamed videogames in part for the soft performance of Shrek the Third on DVD compared to Shrek 2.

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Marceles3889d ago

I wouldn't really say video games are hurting DVD sales...I'd say bad movies lately are making video game sales better. Video games are just getting bigger and more mainstream as time passes...movies need to step their game up because video games have caught up, and in some instances surpassed movie sales.

Harry1903889d ago

a reason to time it's going to be
the fault of free economy that the industry crumbles.

permutated3889d ago

Yeah, it had nothing to do with Shrek 3 being a putrid movie in comparison to the first two.

Harry1903889d ago

i thought that it was marketing and choice that decided of a product's success.they just have to do better.that's the rule of the game.