These PlayStation 3 Games Are Running Out of Time

There are some PlayStation 3 games that have been officially canned, like Eight Days. Then, there are upcoming games that always seem to be waiting for new info reveals. Here are some of the most noticeable titles (exclusive and not) that have been M.I.A. If they are going to make this generation, they better hurry it up!

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Root2088d ago

Eight Days....canned

Nope....put on hold

aceitman2088d ago

it would be nice to see them as ps4 launch titles.

Root2088d ago (Edited 2088d ago )

Hopefully Eight Days looked great

It reminds me of NCIS LA which came out a few years later

They look a tad similar

Everytime I see a promo for NCIS LA I think of Eight Days which makes me want it

sunnygrg2087d ago

I have given up hope on Versus being released this generation.

Whenever I get the automated email from Amazon telling me that they are still trying to obtain the release date from the publisher, I feel the urge to reply them telling them to not even bother. It's a do-not-reply email address.

Temporary2087d ago

I was very excited for Versus for a few years ... now the excitement is completely gone. They need to start announcing titles accordingly with their release window because if i were still riding the hype train and it was releasing, i'd be screaming atop my lungs about it and telling all my friends.

Now I dont even give the game a second thought.

wastedcells2087d ago

Agreed. They are next gen games no doubt.

MostJadedGamer2087d ago (Edited 2087d ago )

Usually not a good idea to try to convert old, long delayed titles to a next generation system. Its best to just go ahead, and release it on the Last Gen system even if the Next Gen system is already out.

Just because a Next Gen system is out does not mean they stop releasing games on the Last Gen systems. Heck the PS2 had a TON of games that came out WAY after the PS3 was released.

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smashman982088d ago

Lol game was announced like 7-8 years ago with very little footage... It's time to let go

Godmars2902088d ago

It was shown with target render CG, then had mid-production clips when it was announced as "canceled".

A cross-country road-trip chase? Looked damned promising.

NeXXXuS2087d ago (Edited 2087d ago )

I still haven't given up hope for Versus XIII. Yoichi Wada is the one that keeps screwing things up. And as far as I know, the reason why Versus XIII was being put on hold and "cancelled" for so long was because of XIII, and now they're making a third installment to the damn thing...

showtimefolks2088d ago

8 days animations and other production stuff was used by ND to make Uncharted

Getaway 3
Eight days

Both are 50% done and were cancelled but than were put on hold. I believe it's time for a new getaway game. Reboot the series and launch getaway with ps4.

Eight days sounds so promising so I hope that they finished development and we see it on ps3 or ps4

The last guardian is in development, Sony actually sent some of its top level tech guys to Japan late last year yo help finish the game. I believe this will launch with ps4 day one

Agent is coming not sure if it will be a excuse ttle
Ff13 versus needs a new name we have had enough ff13 games, I believe this will still be a exclusive title, no inside info just my gut feeling is SE will release it as exclusive than after launch it could come to other consoles

I hope we get their 4 one day

BlindGuardian2087d ago (Edited 2087d ago )

just wanted to point out that (unless there's some gaikai stuff involved) making any of these games next gen will imply starting again from scratch with pretty much everything except conceptual design

I think The Last Guardian will eventually come out for the PS3 but it won't be what was originally planned, probably scaled down, similar to what happened with I am Alive

Agent on the other hand was probably canned years ago, or at least placed on permanent hold

Versus is IMO the only one that might be next gen, probably will be renamed XV, that might explain why we haven't seen it in years after that 5 minute gameplay trailer, it probably went down like Heavenly Sword, whhose developement was started on high end PCs long before PS3 dev kits were sent

at some point it was determined that a GTA like open world RPG was not possible on the PS3 and was put on hold until the tech could allow it

cyguration2087d ago

None of the games will have to start from scratch.

First generation "Next-gen" games for most people is a higher poly count, better draw distance and 60fps at 1080p resolution. It's not as hard as you think.

Gamer19822087d ago

Im telling you Versus is a PS4 launch title thats why its been delayed so long as they couldnt get what they wanted out of ps3.

Root2087d ago (Edited 2087d ago )

For the morons disagreeing

2087d ago
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DarkBlood2088d ago

ff versus coming to the ps4 at this point may make more sense then putting a high profile game "that im guessing alot of you guys want as well" then putting it on the ps3

when if im somewhat right will want to sell more ps4's that way

torchic2087d ago

Final Fantasy IX released after the PS2 released (in some territories)

Final Fantasy XII released after the PS3 released.

why can't they do the same with Versus XIII? I totally see it coming in Q1 2014 just before Europeans get their PS4s

Furesis2087d ago

it's not going to be a ps4 title at least i dont think so and wouldn't it be smarter to release it on the ps3 because more people own ps3's(more money)? this is what i would do if i were SE and why would SE care about selling more ps4's anyways it's sonys console not theirs

Twisted_H3art2088d ago

They are probably next gen at this point.

animegamingnerd2088d ago

probably not since sony did say they are supporting the PS3 until 2015 and they spend so much money on these games they will probably release on the PS3 which has a larger user base to make back their money

wishingW3L2088d ago

they are not running out of time, they ran out of time.

Prodigy-X2088d ago

Because they're coming to PS4 as well.