Akihiro Hino Talks White Knight

We're certain that, by now, you've seen that impressive White Knight Story trailer from the Tokyo Game Show. The detailed environments, unique battle system, and life-like animation left Japanese RPG fanatics longing for more. We'll we'll be getting it. A lot more, actually.

Bebedora6491d ago

This is the kind of games I never expect to hit a XB360 console. (note: never expect - not never will). I have never played it (doh) but I can see this being a franchise of magnitued (level 5 was it?).

eques judicii6490d ago

why don't you expect a game like this on the x360?

you don't think mistwalker can make something just as good? Akihiro even says he is trying to "match" the visuals of blue dragon and lost oddyssey

Bebedora6490d ago

<eques judicii:>why don't you expect a game like this on the x360?

Actually I think the mindset for that console is not just there. I am not talking technicalities here.

<eques judicii:> you don't think mistwalker can make something just as good? Akihiro even says he is trying to "match" the visuals of blue dragon and lost oddyssey

As I said....and having Mistwalker doing games apart from Square Enix is very interesting, but I have to see what comes out of it. Lost Odyssey looks awesome, and blue dragon, I've seen too little of to get a grip on.

But innovative games and XB is not the norm in my eyes. Which I can see in games like White Knight Story, Lair, Eye of Judgment to name a few, on the PS console.

I hope you see what I meant by what I said above.

eques judicii6490d ago

i kind of understand (although the actual gameplay of lair looks too loose to be called innovative) and Eye of Judgement doesn't really seem all that interesting...

I still haven't seen what is innovative in white knight. It's extremely pretty, but until I actually sit down and play it it still looks like an jrpg set in an oblivion-ish world.

Now... innovation and xbox do actually come together... bungie really brought fps to consoles on the original xbox and xbox live has radically redefined what gamers want in their online service. Not to mention xbla and Xna studio.. which allows independent developers to create things that are entirely new.

Inafune (capcom) is hard at work creating games that tie together western style and eastern style to broaden the appeal of games (lost planet and dead rising).. and this is a first for japan!

Creating yet another jrpg for sony doesn't seem innovative, in fact, it seems to be consistent with the sony platforms. To sony's credit, they are bring a gorgeous looking fps in resistance... and motorstorm does look great (but gameplay in motorstorm seems slow and sloppy) But cliffyb is redefining what a shooter is with gears of war...

As to how much of lost oddyssey you've seen, did you watch the 10 minute gameplay from TGS??
well, even if you haven't, famitsu is releasing a demo disc of lost oddyssey next month (apparently it is an hour of gameplay)

Sony does have a few innovative games... but they are not nearly as innovative as nintendo and I would argue that they are less innovative than xbox.. Sony has taken facets from the two other systems and calling it their own(copying xbl marketplace and wiiconnect24 [always on], copying x360 button [you know the big one in the middle], copying wii motion sensing, copying xbox1 size ;-), copying xbox1 in having a fps as its headliner, copying xbox's trigger buttons) almost nothing they are doing this generation seems innovative...

I hope you take the time to read this, because i'm trying my best not the flame ;-)

Bebedora6489d ago (Edited 6489d ago )

When I posted this, I was a bit off talking about White Knight Story and innovative. :) It looks great and shows new ways to get the JRPG as a new experience with regards to gameplay (like gears of wars?).

What is going on in the XBox camp I am very unaware of. But I've mostly seen ways to get a FPS experience and if you like that, the XBox is heaven I guess. But I have to say, a PC is getting many things the XBoxers gets?

Lost Oddyssey vids I have not seen, but I will see it live whith my XB360 pal. :) It looks real good in my eyes so far. And the creator of the FF-series behind is weighing in.

I like what PS-line of games gives in varity. You do not need to like Eye of Judgment, but it shows Sony likes to get more to the table and gives the buyer more to choose from. And what you stated in your post I could not see these things happening - the rich varity of games
They are trying though. With MistWalker studios and the likes. That makes me look on the other side of the fence some more. Still, I have personally had a fad experience with the XB360 my friend has, so I have to check if that black line of XB360 has a better 'attitude' :) We will see what games there are to get too. My prefs are more against Ratchet, F1, RPG:s, NHL, God of War-like games and more. FPS:s falls way down...I know PS3 will deliver there with a great experience, I dont doubt about that. And, since I am in EU I have the 'luxury' to see how it all will play out in the NA and Japan while waiting till mars-07.

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DJ6490d ago

Why Microsoft kicked them off the Xbox is beyond me (i.e. True Fantasy), but I'm glad Sony's treating them well and encouraging this kind of innovative gameplay. Sony's publishing their upcoming PS2 title, Rogue Galaxy, and hopefully Level 5 brings over the Dark Cloud series to PS3.

As much as I would love this to be a launch title, it's great that they're spending the necessary amount of time to make the game a full-length, polished RPG.

bilal6490d ago

i am just waiting for Rogue Galaxy...
also ff12 (man i have waited long enough for that game too)

on ps3 i am most impressed with white knight, even more than ff13...


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