Killzone: Mercenary Tries to Prove Me Wrong | 1UP

1UP: "Can the upcoming Vita FPS finally succeed in bringing the genre to a handheld?"

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Gamerpeanuts2087d ago

maybe i'll use my Vita again.

WeAreLegion2086d ago

Are you not playing through any of the newer games?

SAE2086d ago

Try ninja gaiden sigma . it's amazing but it's not hard for me anymore >.< ..

Gamerpeanuts2084d ago

I play Persona 4...but im to busy playing Fire emblem and getting ready for MH4...I only bought a Vita because I though MH was going to come out on it.

sherimae24132087d ago

im no fps fan but i know this game will be successful ^_^
besides sony cant failed three times consecutive in the fps genre
whats that dual sticks are for? ^_^

r212087d ago

Well i suggest the author get one of those grips. It'll make the vita feel like a DS3 controller :D

Blastoise2087d ago (Edited 2087d ago )

Third time lucky. Plus, it's actually made by a good developer this time.

Still confuses me why Sony would give two of the biggest games for Vita to terrible developers who have yet to make a good game

sherimae24132087d ago

yup guerilla is known to be best when it comes to this kind of games
youre right resistance and cod should have been great.....
if only nihilistic was given time and proper budget....
i think they could deliver a great game....

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