Playstation Home February 2008 Update

Past to Present Online goes hands-on with Playstation Home, with High Quality Videos and HD720P screenshots. Featured are the new areas, including the marketplace, the new create-a-character, and many, many glitches.


The server is going up and down, no need to report it ;) Its up right now, and Ill be monitoring it to make sure it stays that way. Thanks for the support everyone

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TheWickedOne3976d ago

The couch glitch was funny as hell.

It actually looks pretty damn cool. The delays are were probably much needed and considering what sony is trying to do is at least understandable to a certain point. Hopefully they solve some of the issues before launch. But it's looking good.

Borman3976d ago (Edited 3976d ago )

Thanks, Im glad you enjoyed it. If you check out the archives of my site, you'll find HD720P footage of at least two previous Home builds.

And I apologize in advance for Internal Server Errors, just hit refresh.

Oh, and I also apologize if the site goes down at any time hah, should be a good test of how the server handles a load, and if it needs to be upgraded.

Premonition3976d ago

yep it needs upgrading :)

Spike473976d ago

feature still needs work, it's good sony has'nt rushed it, it's not just another game, it's something that has not been done before on consoles.

Frances-the-Mute3976d ago

Nice! i want it even more now!

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The story is too old to be commented.