Gears of War: An X-Y Axis Platformer

One of the few objections gamers are already making about Gears of War is that there is no jumping. Every time a developer decides to disregard a jumping option, gamers cry a river. Sometimes, gamers are right, such as with Perfect Dark Zero. In other cases, the way the game has been designed requires that there is no option for jumping at all. That's the case of Gears of War.

According to Cliff Bleszinski, Gears of War's lead designer, jumping in shooters is reminiscent of the Mario and Sonic era. CliffyB says people jump because it is the fastest way to move throughout a level, but in a game like Gears of War, where you move from cover to cover, you're already jumping-just in the X and Y axes.

In the following movie, CliffyB fully explains his reasons for the lack of a jump button in GoW:

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DJ5905d ago

If there's no jumping, then what the hell is this target render insinuating?

You should at least be able to hop over obstacles; I don't expect Halo style moon jumping, but the function would help. To this day the one thing that bugs me about Black and Killzone is the lack of a jump button... =/

Daewoodrow5905d ago

calm down, you can jump over obstacles, they did it during the demo footage.

TheMART5905d ago (Edited 5905d ago )

So DJ this is telling me you almost didn't watched any ingame footage of Gears.

You're always playing it down, but you actually don't even watch it closely.

Now it's official: you s*ck big time in your comments mate. That's actually kind of sad

Oh yeah jumping is what I hate in other shooters. Even in Halo, those jumping kids that's no fun

power of Green 5905d ago

Yah i hate the low gravity moon jumping in Halo also. Is there a real reason for jumping in Halo?. If Bungi's trying to show the super human strenth of Spartans/space beasts they need to work on that. lol

Marriot VP5905d ago

No jumping in PDZ was bad, but that was just an FPS.

No jumping in a third person tactical shooter isn't bad at all. The kind of gameplay doesn't warrant jumping.

power of Green 5905d ago

Gow will have an action button and will do different thing depending on whats going on leap, run, roll, ect. No need to jump in to bullets. The true to life game Cliffy wants won't allow for men jumping around with 2 hundred pounds of gear on.

kmis875905d ago

Well I can't say no jump in this game is bad. In some games I just don't think it's needed, and it would make the multiplayer look a little cartoony when it definitely shouldn't, and it would look odd with those big guys just hopping around like crazy. There is probably going to be something that lets you hop low cover and sprint to something ahead of you, and I think thats all that the game really needs to do jumpingwise.

THAMMER15905d ago

just press the a button and you can hop over low cover. It not going to be like halo as far as mobility. That is why it is gears not halo not mario or anything else its a kick @ss 3rd person action shooter.

joemutt5905d ago

You cant carry more weapons than you would in real life.

And you cant jump with armor on. Even the lightweight stuff the army wears drops them down to like a 9 inch vertical jump.

It makes halo multiplayer look a little more unrealistic in my opinion.

I think jumping would have been a negative for GOW.

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The story is too old to be commented.