PS3 Not Overheating Says The Playstation 3 Magazine

From psm3mag.com: "We've played a PS3, for a day, in a room, with it on a table in front of us. At no stage did anyone comment about the noise it made (ie, next to none). And a collegue put his hand behind the machine after it had been running for a few hours and felt warm air being quietly and safely extracted via a fan via the vents at the back of the machine. The surface of the machine remained at room temperature with a small portion at the back being 'warm'. Not hot - 'warm'.

So, the PSM3 independent verdict here is that - quote - "PS3 generates less heat and noise than the combination of 360 and powerbrick".

achira6432d ago

hmmm, its obvious that kotuka spread alot bad rumours, if i were you i would not visit this site, its not credibil.


well since WE dont have a PS3 in our homes we cant say jack if is true or not ... it seems that they have one so for now i will believe that maybe 10 or even 20 % of PS3 will overheat since all consoles sufer of that ... i'll be in line to buy one anyway ... i'll let you guys know if it does

ElementX6434d ago

What game did they play? An old PS2 game? Ridge Racer, which uses more processing power? Tetris??? This doesn't prove anything. If you play a processor hungry game it's going to generate more heat.

kmis876434d ago

Probably Motorstorm, thats what they've been playing in all their various videos of the ps3.

zypher6434d ago

what i find curious is that none of the known gaming sites (computerandvideogames, ign, gamespot, 1up, next-gen, kikizo, gamesindustry, gamedaily, etc.) who had actual time with the PS3 ever reported problems of system malfunctions. but rather, they report on how an analyst noticed the problems, and how said analyst caused Sony's stocks to decrease. my question is: if this problem was so wide-spread, why hasn't any one beside this analyst (and Kotaku) reported about it? furthermore, if (IF) these malfunctions were caused by understandable reasons (adverse temperature, early-developed demos), then whats the problem?

calderra6432d ago

There were photos of the endangered PS3s getting operated on. Sooo... why didn't anyone else report it?

I dunno- why did the media so suddenly forget about the existance of the PSX Media Center Console that failed miserably because it reached too far to try and include "next-gen" technologies and wound up being just too pricey?

Mysteries abound!

ApocalypseShadow6434d ago

is fanboy roaches looking for more flame food to feast on.once this news is squashed like all the rest about ps3,they will scatter again until the next bait.play them all(ps3-wii-360).anyone got any fanboy bug spray?