Lost Odyssey Sequel on the way?

If you've been enjoying Mistwalker's Lost Odyssey then you're in for some good news. It would appear that Lost Odyssey just may be Microsoft's own Final Fantasy, with sequels already planned.

WIIIS15758d ago

My exact sentiments when RFOM 2 and Motorstorm 2 were announced.

Anego Montoya FTMFW5759d ago

but how many disc`s will it be on is the REAL question.

power of Green 5758d ago (Edited 5758d ago )

Who cares lol.

Your 360 will have this great title and you'll only have to change discs on *your 360* only after many hours.

Qbanboi5758d ago (Edited 5758d ago )

Great title? I tought i got a 60 from X-play. And the Official X-box magazine gave it a 75.

Ahhhh5759d ago

You're in the open zone?? ..whatever. It doesn't really matter. =]
And, what does it matter to you?

Anego Montoya FTMFW5758d ago

it`s a logical question, considering the 1st was on 4.


because i`ll get a 360 if i can get it for $100 or less, which i might be able to soon, i`m a GAMER.

i refuse to buy one from RETAIL, ever again.

so yeah i care.

Anego Montoya FTMFW5758d ago

this is the GAMER zone.

and some w/ the name P on Fanboy who has 2 bubbles should NEVER tell someone else to go to the OPEN ZONE.

Ahhhh5759d ago

What's so funny?? Ya know.. it took FF 7 tries to make an OUTSTANDING game. 7 was the best and will still be the best.

beoulve5758d ago (Edited 5758d ago )

but FF I was great. LO is not

games4fun5758d ago (Edited 5758d ago )

are very incorrect people today argue that VI was better and others say that (#whatever) was good in fact all the ff's leading up to seven were considered to be great rpgs and sold well

look at mallow below he is having a hard time choosing between any of them because they are all so good

Silver3605758d ago

FF3 in US was the best Final Fantasy. The series became great then, 7 just made it popular.

Jack Bauer5758d ago

an outstanding game, hope there is more to come beyond this one...still gotta finish it tho myself!